Machete Kills!

Posted: October 20, 2013 in Movies
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Machete Kills is the sequel to Machete, which initially was a fake trailer before the Robert Rodriguez Grindhouse/Planet Terror movie. In this installment Machete is hired by none other than the President of the United States played by Charlie Sheen, who is credited under his birth name Carlos Esteves (So the credits say “Introducing Carlos Esteves). Machete’s secret mission is to stop an eccentric billionaire played by Mel Gibson from launching a missile at Washington D.C.  Mayhem an crazy violence ensue as various villains are dispatched. One assassin is a master of disguise, and at different points is played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Antonio Banderas, and in a few scenes is played by Lady Gaga.

While Machete Kills is entertaining, I believe the concept in it’s purest form was the initial fake trailer he appeared in. However, or should I say going along with that point, or both, the most entertaining part of Machete Kills is the trailer at the beginning for Machete Kills Again.. IN SPACE!!!!

That’s right, the film opens with a trailer for a 1970’s Star Wars style science fiction feature, Machete Kills Again… In Space! We even get a Machete style light sabers along with Star Wars type laser blasts. Machete’s prior and current supporting cast is present, including Lady Gaga, who plays “Whoever she wants.”

Even better, the third act of Machete Kills actually leads into Machete Kills Again… In Space!!! There’s very specific Star Wars references and they even take a page out of Empire Strikes back with a supporting cast getting the Han Solo carbonite treatment.

So while Machete Kills was not as pleasurable as I’d hoped, it does leave me excited for Machete Kills Again… In Space!!!!


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