Thor The Dark World Comic Book Prelude

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Marvel Cinematic Universe
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Thor Prelude

Thor the Dark World Prelude connects Marvel Movies and drops some insights into the nature of this universe along with some information regarding the current status of the nine realms.

It opens with the revelation that, since the Bi-frost bridge was destroyed in the last Thor movie, the nine realms have fallen into chaos without the protection/guidance of Asgard. Jotunheim, the ice world from the last Thor movie, is shown briefly. We also get a glimpse of the Planet Nidavellir, where Trolls may soon attack the dwarven King Eitri’s castle. There’s also civil war on the Badoon worlds, and marauders are fighting in the Vanaheim system. Nidavellir, Nix, and Korbin are also mentioned later.

This is all of great concern to Thor, who fears this chaos will bring about the Viking apocalypse known as Ragnarok. Odin assures him that “The universe forever moves toward Ragnarok. This is its nature.” but does acknowledge it’s coming faster without the presence of Asgardians.

Meanwhile Thor’s mother Frigga has various visions, through which we get a glimpse of Thanos, someone who is presumably the villain from the next Thor movie, and Loki. She realizes Loki is alive, and is planning something with the Tesseract (Plot of Avengers movie). This prompts Odin to use dark energy to send Thor to Earth. We get some discussion on how both Thor and Odin will pay a price for using this dark energy. I liked that bit because in the Avengers movie it almost seemed like a plot hole how Thor was able to come to Earth without the Bi-frost bridge.

The rest of the story has some good character bits. We see Jane Foster and Darcy get sent away to Norway as mentioned in the Avengers. She sees Thor on TV during the battle of New York and figures he’s forgotten about her. Depressed, she quits her research which involved opening a wormhole to Asgard. A good funny bit was during the NYC battle Iron Man jokes with Thor about the Game of Thrones TV show, saying “It’s like you, but instead of a magic hammer they have dragons and sex.”

After the battle Loki is confronted by his parents. Frigga holds onto hope that her son still has good in him, while Odin sees no hope and has him imprisoned. Loki sees himself as just wanting to do on Earth what Odin does in the nine realms. He even says “I might have even stolen a mortal infant and raised it as my own.”

The prelude ends with the Tesseract being used to restore the Bi-frost, and Thor gives a speech about how it’s the duty of Asgardian warriors to hold back the tide of Ragnarok. Since the days of Bor and Buri they’ve protected the nine realms. After the speech Thor and his warriors go off to restore order.

So far most comics set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been connective tissue and had little consequence (Last years Black Widow mini-series was an exception). Even though this Thor prelude serves a similar purpose it has some good character bits and is pretty enjoyable. Still, I hope someday they’ll do more MCU comics that are just they’re own original stories.

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