Carrie 2013 Remake

Posted: October 27, 2013 in Movies
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Carrie is a remake of the 1970s adaptation of a Stephen King novel. It’s updated but the plot is mostly the same. Carrie is a shy high school girl who gets teased at school and is raised by her mentally unbalanced mother who masks her mental state behind religion. Some girls get in trouble for making fun of Carrie in the girls shower, and as revenge set up a prank where Carrie gets pigs blood spilled on her at the prom. Little do they know, Carrie has telekinetic powers and uses them to kill everyone involved.

As far as I remember it’s pretty faithful to the original. One thing I liked was when the boy asks her to the prom it’s genuine. One of the girls who picked on her feels guilty about what she did, and, even though she’s been planning for the prom for a long time, convinces her boyfriend to ask her to the prom. This is not part of the prank, it’s genuine, but the other girls decide to do their prank once they learn she is going.  That’s played pretty well. I liked the character of the gym teacher too.

Carrie’s mother is played very well, and despite the incredible dysfunction in the relationship, Carrie does love her mother. As they argue about the prom her mother quotes what she claims are Bible verses Carrie calls her out in that what she’s saying isn’t in the Bible and Carrie quotes the Bible to defend herself. So it’s not a bash on religion and the mother’s issue is clearly mental. There’s also, I believe, suggested repressed lesbian feelings in her mother as she interacts with one woman in town.

The money shot of the blood falling on Carrie was obviously CGI and the shot gets repeated a few times. I didn’t like the look of that. Also before that moment people seem to be more accepting of Carrie at the prom. Once the prank happens it seems the film makers couldn’t decide if the crowd really was laughing at her or were generally shocked.

However the destruction and mayhem scenes are fun. This update isn’t a knock out of the park but has it’s moments. Worth a rental.

  1. I never saw the original movie, but I read the book and it scared the shit out me. I never picked up another SK book until the Green Mile….I was really scared. nice review.

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