Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Movies
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The Marked ones is intended to be a spinoff of the Paranormal Activity series. It is the fifth film produced in the series, but the next film, intended to be released this year apparently, will be called Paranormal Activity 5.

The Marked ones features a group of Latino kids in California who have just graduated high school. The main character Jesse and his friends start video taping themselves parting and such. Jesse has a weird neighbor who dies suddenly, and they suspect one of their friends might be involved.

Through the course of events Jesse becomes possessed, and gains strange powers and abilities. In a scene where some thugs attack him he exhibits superhuman strength, and there’s some nice effects shots  where he tries purposely falling off a chair, and ends up levitating.

One cool part was they end up communicating with an evil spirit using the Simon Says electronics game from the 80s. That was a pretty creative update on the Ouija board concept.

Things turn darker as Jesse gets more and more violent and lost. There’s one effects scene that sets up a cool scare, but it was such a cool effect I feel like I forgot to be scared haha.

The Marked Ones is an effective spinoff in that it could have just been it’s own movie. There’s only light references to other films, except for sort of at the end I guess. The VHS tapes from part 3 show up which was neat. There is one scene where a woman appears to give some exposition, and I wasn’t sure what character this was.

Some new concepts are introduced here, including the unexpected notion of time travel which I thought was interesting. Also, unlike some other horror franchises, there appears to be some kind of end game story wise. Apparently this cult is taking kids, possibly all over the world, and raising some kind of unholy army. We’ll see how this turns out in future installments.

All in all the Marked Ones was much better and scarier than the previous two entries. Here’s to hoping the franchise is back on track.


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