Devil’s Due Film Review

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Movies
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Devil’s Due is a found footage type film following a young couple and their pregnancy which turns about to produce an Antichrist. It opens with a quote from the Bible. John 2:18 (I’m quoting from the NIV version) “Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the Antichrist is coming, even now many Antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour.”

We see Zach and Samantha just as they are about to get married. It’s established right away that Zach always has a camera with him and he’s been this way since he was a kid. It’s also established that Samantha grew up in a foster home.

They go to Santo Domingo for their honeymoon, where Columbus landed, and on their last night there a taxi driver takes them to an underground club. The two get intoxicated, and the camera catches bits of some ritual being performed on Samantha and a supernatural presence is suggested.

The next day they wake up in their hotel with no memory of how they got back. When they get home they learn Samantha is pregnant, despite her use of birth control pills. The rest of the movie follows the anxieties of pregnancy coupled with the fact that something is very wrong with Samantha (There’s a pretty tense scene where she gets a needle in the belly). She gets nosebleeds, has cravings for raw meat even though she’s vegetarian, and apparently strangers are watching the house. In fact the strangers break into the house and install cameras everywhere, leading to a few shots in the vein of Paranormal Activity.

One thing I liked is this film uses found footage from multiple sources. Most of the film is from Zach’s camera, but there’s also security footage from stores, and there’s one scene with three teenagers that leads to a innovative kill shot. There’s also no story behind this found footage or how it was pieced together. We just accept that this is the story as we’re watching it.

However the structure of Devil’s Due could use some fine tuning. The opening shot shows Zach covered in blood being interrogated by the police. So we obviously know he survived the events of the movie. This hurt the suspense near the end when he’s trying to save his wife from the cult, and the scene prior to that when he sneaks in a house inhabited by the cult members.

The other thing was, in my opinion, the audience should not have witnessed the ritual scene right away. Throughout the movie, as weird things happen, I’d wonder why Zach didn’t go back and check his film. At one point he finally checks his honeymoon footage and sees the ritual. In my opinion it would have been better if the audience saw this for the first time along with Zach, that way before that it would seem more mysterious as to what’s going on.

Lots of horror films over the decades have played with the concept of “the” Antichrist, forgetting the Bible says there will be more than one. To my knowledge this is the first horror film to use that angle, so I give it points for that. In fact the last scene in the film plays up on that more, and establishes room for sequels. It ends with a couple in Paris on the last night of their honeymoon, and the same taxi driver from before arrives and offers to take them to a club, If this film is successful, it will be interesting to see where sequels go with it.

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