Robocop 2014 film review

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Movies
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This remake of the 1987 sci-fi classic opens with a near future world in which the United States government has used robotic soldiers (basically terminators, and a step up from the current unmanned drones) in the Middle East and other hot spots around the world. Samuel Jackson plays Pat Novak, host of the Novak Element, a FOX news type conservative news show. He wonders aloud on the show why  robots aren’t used to keep law and order in the United States. The government legislated against the use of robots for law enforcement purposes.

Michael Keaton plays the CEO of Omnicorp, and also wants the government to allow robotic law enforcement. They theorize that creating a Cyborg could sway public opinion. They consider various candidates, people that have crippling diseases, are wheelchair bound, etc.

Meanwhile, police officer Alex Murphy investigates corruption in Detroit, and ends up getting car bombed. He ends up being the candidate. This remake differs from the original here as it is no secret who Alex Murphy is. Now as Robocop, he is aware, and the general public is aware, that he is Alex Murphy. The plan is to use him has a marketing ploy to gain support for a change in legislature.

We also see Robocop disassembled, and we see what actually remains of Murphy, his head with brain exposed, his lungs, and digestive trac. Murphy himself sees this too and naturally it freaks him out.

The plot moves along as Murphy wants to find out who blew him up. While there’s some nice touches, light philosophizing on free will, and the fact that he was actually manufactured in China, it’s not as compelling as the original. Gone are the funny commercials making comment on society. While the original had social commentary, it was witty and well executed. The remake wears the politics on it’s sleeve, although it is amusing to hear Jackson drop an F bomb on his show at the end. To date this remake didn’t hit big at the box office. So it looks like Robocop will be put to rest for a while.


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