This digital prequel comic to the upcoming film Guardians of the Galaxy opens with a recap of the mid credit scene from Thor the Dark World. Immediately after this scene the Collector goes to Conjunction, “a dead world in the coldest regions of the galaxy,” which is also a hub for black market technology. Skrull detectors are mentioned in passing, as are Xandarians. Amusingly enough there’s also a sign in English for a Casino. We see lots of aliens in the background, none I recognize from the Marvel Universe (However Ronan is later mentioned by name). There appear to be creatures resembling encounter aliens actually. The Conjunction sequence seems to purposely resemble the Mos Eisely/Tatooine sequence from Star Wars.

Anyway the Collector recruits a particular character from Guardians of the Galaxy to recruit a particular object, and the story goes from there. It appears to be a true prequel to it’s film namesake, more so than the Captain America/Winter solider digital comic. These comics that take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to more and more actually show real events taking place, as opposed to being just filler stories.

The comic can be bought here. 


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