Godzilla 2014 Film

Posted: May 26, 2014 in Movies
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Godzilla is a Warner Brothers/Legendary pictures entry into the long running Japanese monster franchise. It is not necessarily a remake or a sequel. Taking a page from Toho Pictures Millennium series in the 1990s, it uses the first Godzilla film of 1954 as a starting point. The specific events of that picture are not mentioned, with the oxygen destroyer and what not, but it’s understood that in the world of this movie Godzilla did surface in the Pacific in 1954. 

In fact, it opens with a nice montage of old Godzilla images and text that is quickly blackened out, (something that will make future DVD watching fun) suggesting government conspiracies regarding the giant monster.

Cut to 1999, Joe Brody, played by Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame, is a scientist living in Japan, who loses his wife in a tragedy involving a nuclear power plant.15 year later/today, he has become a conspiracy nut, estranged from his now grown son Ford, who serves in the military. Joe doesn’t necessarily know of the existence of Godzilla, but he knows the government is hiding something regarding the accident that he lost his wife to.

Without spoiling the plot events unfold where a monster emerges. Godzilla himself is slowly unveiled, and there is a certain order and function behind what Godzilla is. There’s not just random monsters, there’s a certain system and they relate to each other, and the creatures also have a relationship with radiation, a nice throw back to the atomic age.

There’s some monster brawling half way through but it’s cleverly cut by going to news footage of the end of the event. This leaves room for a huge monster brawl in the final act. 

The human characters aren’t as compelling as they could be, aside from Bryan Cranston of course.But you paid to see big monsters and that’s what you get. Naturally the monsters look great, and there’s a few moments of Godzilla in action that will make you want to stand up and cheer. 

Godzilla is not presented as much of a menace, aside from the scene where he wrecked the Golden Gate bridge which I sort of didn’t get. There’s a scene where he’s swimming through the Pacific and battleships follow along side, as if they have a working relationship lol. He ends up getting embraced by the public and there’s even a reference to the phrase King of the Monsters. 

Most of us probably remember the 1998 American Godzilla that was such a disappointment. I think sometimes a bad movie is the price we pay for a good movie. (See Batman and Robin and the Nolan Bat trilogy). This Godzilla doesn’t disappoint. One of the nice things about it is, while it is sort of open for a sequel, this is one complete story with a definitive ending. If a sequel never gets made, this story would still remain complete. 

Finally I wanted to add that I saw this in 4box or whatever they call it, which means the seats move around with the action in the movie. It was fun but the 4D stuff is done a lot better in Korea. Over there the seats move and you get air bursts when there’s gun fire on screen, sprays of water, and other effects within the theater. With any luck we’ll get that in America someday too.

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