Gone Girl Film Review (Nonspoiler)

Posted: October 26, 2014 in Movies
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There’s not much I can say about this David Fincher film without spoilers, but I wanted to at least briefly talk about what’s probably the best movie I’ll see this year.

Gone Girl is about a young couple, Nick and Amy. They’re both writers living in Missouri who used to live in New York City. It opens with Amy disappearing. Nick becomes a suspect after a few instances where his behavior appears odd, as well as prodding by the media. There’s a few strange circumstances, he appears to not know is wife’s friend, and there’s a few odd things about the crime scene.

The mystery itself get’s answered part way through, with the remainder of the film dealing with the fallout from the actual truth. We get an examination of celebrity culture, marriages, unreliable narrators, and the nature of the modern news media. Margo is Nick’s twin sister, and is his moral support throughout the movie. One moment I found highly disturbing is was when a cable news anchor woman suggested that these two have an incestuous relationship. Throughout the film talking heads on cable news make outlandish suggestions like this simply because they can.

Several characters in this film seem very disturbed. If there’s one criticism I have it’s that one character in particular immediately seemed messed up which sort of spoiled the mystery for me. Even the way this character spoke seemed otherworldly. Again I can’t say anymore without spoiling things.

Regardless, Gone Girl is pretty suspenseful throughout, and another great entry by Fincher.


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