Fast and Furious 7

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Movies
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I was a latecomer to the Fast and Furious series. I didn’t see any of them until just a few years ago, but I enjoyed what I saw. In particular I thought Fast 6 was exceptionally good.

Unfortunately Fast 7 doesn’t live up to it’s predecessors. Following up directly from the last film, Jason Statham plays Deckard, a super ex-special forces bad guy, whose younger brother Owen was the villain in the last movie. Owen is apparently in a coma, and Deckard has seems to have wiped out an entire unit of special forces so he can tell his comatose brother that he will get revenge. I don’t think Owen heard him though.

This super ex special forces guy is only able to kill one of the heroes, which we already saw happen in the bumper scene of the last one. The remainder of the story is something about Statham teaming with some terrorist to steal God’s Eye, a super surveillance/hacking program that can basically find anyone in the world. The good guys are helped out by the government in the form of new character played by Kurt Russel.

This tangent of the God’s Eye plot allows the characters to travel around to cool locations like Abu Dhabi and we get the usual party scenes with hot chics etc. UFC champ Rhonda Rousey appears for a good fight scene in this locale. In Abu Dhabi it turns out they have to steal this flash drive and guess what, said flash drive is hidden in this super sports car near the top of the Etihad Towers. How convenient is that, that the McGuffin is hidden inside something that’s the basis of this franchise? That’d be like if they were in a sequel to the 1987 Stallone classic Over the Top. Only this time the flash drive is hidden inside a semi truck that is the prize for a professional arm wrestling contest! Cue to the montage of Vin Diesel grunting while arm wrestling to the sound of “Winner Takes it All” by Sammy Hagar, perhaps remade with a techno/hip hop beat. Yeah, really.

There is a nice send off to Paul Walker, which is very touching and is easily the highlight of the film.

The Fast and Furious series always had fun over the top action, but this one was just too ridiculous. There’s at least one or two entries of this series I haven’t seen, but I think 7 is the worst of the ones I’ve seen. I’d say this series has officially jumped the shark.

basis of this franchise

  1. Given the circumstances of how they had to complete this film, I would imagine that they did the best they could. Imagine if Optimus Prime was going to be the central character in a Transformers film and Peter Cullen died halfway through recording the lines. My guess is that they had to deliver this film given the way the studio might have sued if the film was not completed. I am sure that Paul Walker’s death left the scrambling to beat deadlines for rewrites. At the end of the day, the Fast and Furious films are about guys enjoying fast cars and hot women. They are basically popcron movies and kind of enjoyable ones at that.

    • Chloe says:

      I live in the UAE and would like to mention that their portrayal of Abu Dhabi ( particularly the girls walking around in bikinis with drinks in their hands) is a bit skewed. The only place you will see girls in bikinis is on the beach.

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