Mad Max: Fury Road review

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Movies
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Mad Max Fury road is the fourth entry in the Australian apocalyptic Mad Max series. It is also the first entry in the series in 30 years. Mad Max, still haunted by the death’s of his wife and family and by others he could not save, helps a group of women escaping from an evil warlord.

It starts out with Max getting captured. His memories that haunt him of his dead family play a hand in preventing him from escaping. He’s in the hands of a cult like figure that has a group of women that serve as his wives. The wives escape on a supply run intended to get precious gasoline.

90% of this movie is a chase scene, huge battles through the Australian outback as Max, this group of women, the wives, and other female warriors that are helping them, fight off their pursuers. The action is nonstop and over the top. Between some of the outrageous costumes, the vehicles, and the guy riding around with a fire shooting electric guitar, it’s all pretty wild. The cinematography is great, with the desert sandstorms, the blue hues at night, and the rocky terrain. It creates an otherworldly feel.

Max is almost a minor character in the story, he’s not even the one who dispatches the main villain. This is not necessarily a complain though. Fury road is a great ride that pulls you into this other world. It’s not just mindless action, there’s consequences and pain to be felt. Characters on both sides die during this journey.

Mad Mad Fury road is perhaps the surprise hit of the year, and probably the best movie I’ve seen so far in 2015.


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