Insidious 3 Review

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Movies

Insidious 3 is a prequel to the first film. Set a few years prior, but not too far back as it still seems to be set in the present day. A young teenage girl named Quinn with aspirations to drama school recently lost her mother. She desires to contact her on the other side, and in the opening scene goes to visit Elise, the psychic from the previous films. Elise says she does not do that kind of work anymore.

Quinn’s desire to contact her dead mother put her in contact with an evil demonic spirit. Meanwhile Elise has visions that Quinn is in danger, and gets reluctantly pulled into the situation. Along the way we get some backstory about Elise, with her own tragedies and her own personal fears. There’s also a good supporting cast including Quinn’s dad, father and brother, her best friend and a boy neighbor that has a crush on her.

There are some good scares throughout, and the struggle against the demon, as well as other spirits, involves more physicality and actual fighting than other possession movies, setting it apart a little. We are also introduced to the two men that assist Elise in the first movie, and it’s amusing to see how they present themselves at this period of time. If nothing else this movie gets props for the one guy wearing a Dolph Lundgren Masters of the Universe movie T-shirt. Seeing He-man on the big screen was not something I expected going into this.

The climax involves something slightly dues ex ma china that you can perhaps see coming, but still manages to have some emotional resonance. Overall I’d say Insidious 3 was a satisfying horror flick. I’d be interested to see more from this franchise, whether they continue to move back in time or forward.


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