The Gallows film Review

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Movies
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The Gallows is a found footage film about a high school Nebraska and a terrible tragedy that took place their. It opens with a viewpoint from a parents home movie camera in 1993, as the school is putting on a play called the Gallows. In the play a character is to be hung, and a tragic accident happens where the student actor gets hung for real on stage and dies.

Cut to the present day, the same school is attempting the same play again. Ryan, a football player, is taking the required Drama class and his job is to video tape the play. Using a camera he decides to tape everything, and the opening act shows us life in the school, the different friends, relationships, banter etc. It’s a nice set up for the story that allows us to get to know the characters.

Events unfold where Ryan and a small group of his friends go into the high school at night, and strange things start to happen, the first of which being that the door they came in locks, and none of the doors anywhere to the outside will open. So they are effectively trapped in the school. As time goes on they hear strange noises and experience other weird phenomenon, and slowly but surely the students are picked off one by one.

The villain of the story has a nice look with his hangman’s mask a noose, and is actually seen very little in the film, usually lurking more in the shadows and being up close. The story is definitely supernatural in nature, across between a slasher character like Friday the 13th’s Jason Vorhees and a ghost story. I’m not sure if that combination has ever been done before.

The found footage route does the angle of the camera/phones etc running out of battery. I’m not sure if that has been used much in other films. It also maybe the first found footage film to actually have a flashback in the narrative.

There actually is a little bit more plot that includes a nice surprise at the end. However as I’m writing this I realized that raises some questions on the timing of the film.

Seeing this film with an audience was really fun. There definitely are some scary moments, including a rather off the wall one early on. The audience screamed and jumped a lot during this. The Gallows maybe the best scary movie I’ve seen in the theater.

  1. TBT says:

    I love horror movies and someone recommended this one to me. I’ll have to check it out.

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