The Gift: Short review, non-spoiler.

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Movies

The Gift is a thriller about a young upper middle class couple in California named Simon and Robyn. Upon moving into a new neighborhood they have a chance encounter with Gordo, an old school mate of Simon’s. Gordo soon makes a few visits to the young couple’s home. He appears friendly but socially awkward, and Simon soon feels uncomfortable with his visits. Not too far into the film, Simon asks Gordo not to visit anymore.

Robyn is not as leary of Gordo, and upon his absence begins to learn that there is a dark past between her husband and Gordo, dating back to their childhood. As the plot unfolds it appears that everyone, Robyn included, has something to hide.

The Gift does a good job of balancing tension and intrigue, keeping us guessing as to who is telling the truth and who we should have sympathy for. For example at one point the couple’s dog disappears. Simon suspects Gordo took the dog. A few days later the dog returns, and the audience is left to wonder, did Gordo take the dog or did it really just run away? This reflects a general theme of “maybe I did maybe I didn’t,” along with issues of bullying, lies, and forgiveness.

With a movie like this, you wonder what the end game is going to be. The way the Gift handles it’s third act, in regards to body count and ultimate climax, is fairly interesting. Definitely one of the great thrillers of our era.


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