Sinister 2 Review

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Movies

Sinister 2 opens with the deputy from the previous film in a Church confessional booth. He asks the priest about evil, and is warned to stay away from it, saying you can’t defeat evil, you can only survive it.

Cut to Courtney, a single mother with two young boys Zach and Dylan are secretly staying in a farmhouse to hide from her abusive ex husband. Turns out one of the boys is being visited by ghosts at night. The ghosts have him watch old 8 millimeter films of families getting murdered.

The deputy did not heed the priests advice, and instead is finding houses across the country that Bughuul, the ghostly entity from the first film, has had children commit murders. He goes to Courtney’s home, thinking it’s abandoned, with the intention of burning it down. Upon realizing it is not he investigates and abandoned church on the property where a heinous crime previously took place.

From here the two plots of Courtney’s ex and Bughuul nicely intersect, both allowing for dread, tension and mistrust. Sinister 2 seemed more scary to me than the first one. However I found this is one sequel that really seems to rely on seeing the first one. I did see Sinister, but I still forgot a few things like who the deputy was. Also Courtney’s boys seemed interchangeable, I couldn’t remember which one was which at times. That did hurt on of the good plot points of tension with the boys over which one Bughuul was going to choose. Both seemed willing participants.

Still I enjoyed it overall and would look forward to a Sinister 3.

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