DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe is a crossover in continuity with both DC comics’ New 52 and the current Masters of the Universe comic also published by DC. Masters of the Universe and DC comics have a long history together. He-Man’s first comic book appearance was (not counting mini-comics that were included with the action figures) DC Comics Presents #47, where Superman comes to Eternia and has an adventure with He-man. It was DC comics in fact, that introduced the superhero like element of giving He-man a secret identity, that of Prince Adam. The later Filmation cartoon would also adopt this story point.

Interestingly enough, this crossover shows some of DC’s magical characters before bigger names like Superman and Batman appear. Queen Marlena (He-man’s mother) is on Earth looking for John Constantine, who has heard of her from myth, and understands Eternia to be the center of all creation. Marlena originally was an Earth astronaut who crossed the dimensional veil into Eternia. This plot point originated in the 1980s cartoon. Marlena visits Constantine to warn of a great evil coming.

In a previous DC comics Master’s of the Universe story, Skeletor has disappeared. It turns out that he came to Earth, and is hiding out in DC’s House of Secrets with DC character Black Alice. While Constantine heard of Marlena, Skeletor also has heard of Constantine. DC’s Earth has a lot of untapped magical potential that Skeletor plans to use. However, Skeletor is not the mastermind here. Another character is giving him orders, one who’s identity will shock long time He-Man fans.

Meanwhile He-Man and his allies are hiding out, as the Evil Horde, with the help of He-Man’s sister Adora, have conquered Eternia. Events lead them to Earth where at first they fight, then later team with the Justice League of America to fight Skeletor (The Eternians of course speak English for whatever reason). There’s some cool interactions between the characters, especially involving Batman. In the Batcave Teela mistakenly thinks Batman kills kids, and Man-At-Arms objects to the large bat logo on Batman’s chest, as it reminds him of the Evil Horde symbol.

At one point Skeletor mind controls various characters of the DC universe to have them fight the Justice League and the Eternian heroes. DC’s Frankenstein even makes an appearance. Perhaps one of few disappointing things about this story is that there weren’t more Eternian villains. The DC Universe is so expansive, and the He-Man franchise is pretty large as well. A crossover between these two properties naturally has the potential to be pretty massive. It would have been fun to the DC characters come to Eternia. As I write this I realize I’d love to see He-Man fight Darkseid. Perhaps tying this story to both continuities kept it from being on a larger scale.

Still, DC vs Masters of the Universe is a fun action filled crossover that serves the continuity of both franchises, and has actual ramifications for at least the He-Man series. Here’s to hoping for a second crossover in the future.

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