Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension.

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Movies
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The Ghost Dimension is the latest entry of the Paranormal Activity series of found footage films. This one focuses on the husband and wife of Ryan and Emily and their daughter Leila, along with Ryan’s brother Mike. There’s a lot of references to the third Paranormal movie, in fact it opens with the end of part 3. In this newest film  they find the VHS tapes from the third movie and watch a few of them. There’s also additional tapes of the young twin girls from prior installments where their seen being trained by an adult male. This character is never named and I don’t recall him appearing in prior films. Throughout the movie the idea of supernatural time travel is used. In fact while watching the VHS tapes the girls from the past seem to interact with the characters watching them in the then present of 2013.

The main new conceit of this film is that along with the video tapes this old camera is found. Some technical aspects of the camera are explained as it has extra lenses and other special parts, modified in a way that is very unique. This camera is able to record the presence of supernatural elements. When they first start using the camera they noticed what look like wisps of smoke in certain areas, and when they stand inside the wisp area the sound gets distorted. As time goes on these wisps get darker and take more shape and eventually form demonic forces. Ryan and Mike at first presume that this is a mere camera glitch, but as other strange events unfold they come to understand they are witnessing supernatural phenomenon.

This leads to more special effects than previous entries, and at first is effective at delivering frights. Towards the end when the visuals are more pronounced and violent it at times resembles a video game and is not as effective in delivering scares.

In this entry the spirits are targeting the young Leila. There’s a great special effect near the end where a rocky corridor to another realm opens above her bed. Also, this story takes place around Christmas time, which was a nice change although I felt Christmas motif’s were underused.

Like a lot of entries in this series, there is the question of why the people don’t just get out of the house. This issue is pronounced in this entry as they can now visually see the demon on film. Early on a spirit breaks a mirror and a ghostly hand appears in the reflection. This is a good scene but apparently the characters in film never watched it.

In the third act a priest appears (Emily is Catholic). He notes that an Exorcism is not needed, but instead the demon must be sent back to hell. So we get a different ceremony not seen as often on film to serve as the climax.

Throughout this series the humans that serve the demonic forces seemed to have an end game in mind. This entry delivers on this end game. Overall this entry is not as effective as previous entries, but still provides some items of interest. I’d still be curious to see how future installments play out, now that the end game is realized. I also want to know who made the camera.


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