The Ringed Rider: The Dead Rise Again part 1.

Posted: September 18, 2016 in Ringed Rider Fiction
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Today I found this old story I wrote on my computer years ago. I still liked it and decided to post it piece at a time. It’s not very long. Enjoy part one!

Sarah sped across the prairie in fear of her fate. The young girl frighteningly thrashed at her horse pushing it to the limit. She looked back in dread, seeing her pursuer riding its evil black horse, approaching in a speed almost unnatural. Her panic was so intense she feared it was now affecting her mind, for the horse looked almost demonic. Her eyes couldn’t believe the testimony they gave as it appeared the horse’s flesh was rotting away, at points exposing the skull beneath. The hoofs beat so swiftly they seemed to have a dark glow to them that shone through the dust. The rider itself dressed in black, oblivious to the heat. It’s black glove drew a gun. She thought her family may have already suffered a similar fate, and now she would be joining them.
The evil crackle of the gun shot out across the field. Sarah winced but no bullet entered her body. Yet she still suffered in pain as she hit the ground after falling off her now dead horse. Through the dust she could see the dark rider now upon her. Her fate seemed to be sealed.
Nevertheless her will persisted, and her legs began to move through the grass, still hoping for some chance of escape. Her ears could hear the twirling of the lasso through the air, and soon she felt it tug around her body. She struggled but it was no use, as she was pulled closer and closer to her captor. Her lips cried out for help, and in this frantic moment she saw up ahead, a lone rider on a pale horse. A white hat lay atop his head, and his mouth and nose was covered in a royal blue mask, leaving only his eyes exposed. In a flash of hope she saw something on his hand sparkle in the sunlight. In the distance it indeed appeared to be the Ringed Rider.
Since Lincoln’s assassination, stories spread throughout the west of the mysterious Ringed Rider. Named such for a ring he bore, which the tales told gave him a lightning fast draw. Supposedly he’d been sighted in Deadwood, Forth Worth, and all over the west fighting bandits and criminals, like the Confederate outlaw Colonel Lee who robbed a train in Nebraska. She wasn’t sure if she believed such fantastic accounts. In the moment though, she cared not if it was a children’s story or a real legend, as long as it was someone that could save her from this menace.
A heavenly shot rang out, snapping the rope in two. The ringed hero rode towards them; his pistol flashed burying 5 slugs into the fiend, dropping it from its horse. Sally looked up to her savior as he dismounted. His hand bore the fabled ring. It was dark and otherworldly, almost drawing her attention away from his concerned eyes.
She was too shocked to speak as the Rider inspected her for injuries, his back now to his fallen foe. The monstrous horse whined at its fallen master. Sarah shrieked aloud as the black shape sat up on the ground, turning its head giving them both an evil stare. The rider stood up and faced his foe. His mask could not hide the shock and surprise in his eyes. With his ringed hand he landed a punch square on its jaw, knocking it back off its feet. Suddenly the black horse rose on its hind legs and kicked the Rider into the air. He landed on his back as the horse galloped towards him.
The evil rider rose a second time and drew a gun, intending to finish off her would be savior. Sarah grabbed the remains of the rope she’d previously been caught in, and leapt on its back strangling the fiend around the neck. It fell face first into the dirt as Sarah pulled the rope up continuing to choke him. The smell of gunpowder and burnt flesh rose up through small holes on the back of his coat. “My god” she thought, “how could such a thing still live?”

To be continued…..

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