The Ringed Rider: The Dead Rise Again part 2.

Posted: September 25, 2016 in Ringed Rider Fiction

She glanced ahead to see the black horse’s head snap down to the Rider, attempting to bite him, but missed. The Rider sat up and with a Herculean strength wrestled the horse to the ground by its neck. The Rider’s hands then clinched the horse’s mouth and with a savage fury ripped the horses jaw apart, leaving it dead.
Sarah did not share in the same strength as she felt death cold hands on her wrists, which suddenly threw her off her opponents back. The dark rider rose again looking down on her with a deadly stare, when another lasso wrapped around its waist and drug it away. The Rider pulled their last adversary towards him and beat on the foe with both fists. When the now captive enemy ceased to move, the Rider snapped its neck in one swift motion. The Rider paused for a moment, then swiftly pulled the fiend’s body over the horse, draping its coat over them both. Shockingly both foe and horse began to twitch again, as the Ringed Rider reached down to his belt and retrieved a pack of matches. Soon the black coat was in flames, and both creatures burned as well. A shrieking unholy howl filled the sky as the flames for a moment put forth an unearthly color. An evil stench of burnt flesh filled the sky, as Sarah embraced her new ally.
“Are you alright?” were the first words she heard him speak. He has a kind, considerate voice.
“Yes thank you.” She responded.
“What was that?” the hero asked.
“I don’t know but they took my family, you’ve got to help them. They may still be alive. They’re in the abandoned town close by.”
“First I’m getting you somewhere safe.”
“I’m coming with you, there’s nothing around here for days. Please help my family.”
Knowing she was right and that there was no time to argue, they got on his steed and rode off.
As the sun began to set they could see the town ahead Sarah had mentioned. Though their ordeal was far from over, now that the immediate danger was gone her curiosity had peaked about her companion. “So are you the one they call the Ringed rider?” Sarah asked.
His answer was simply to raise is hand, revealing the mysterious ring on his finger.
“Is it true that you’ve fought bandits everywhere from Deadwood to Dodge?”
“I try to help people where ever I can”
The events of the day were so shocking, that she just realized the amazing durability she’d seen from the Rider. “How are you still moving after that horse kicked you? Aren’t you hurt?” she asked.
The Rider answered, “Let’s just say it will take more than that to put me down.
She touched his hand, feeling the strange ring around his finger. “Is it because of this ring? Does it really make you move like lightning?”
“What happened to your family?” The Rider interrupted.
She knew eventually she’d have to bring those events to her mind again. Her head rested against the back of his shoulder, and as the sun dimmed and the darkness began to approach, she told her tale.
“We were on our way to California, hoping to start a new life for ourselves. We saw the town up ahead and thought we’d stop for supplies. We soon realized it was a ghost town. No one was around. Mom and I stayed in the wagon, while my father and my older brother Robert decided to have a look. They went in what looked like an old General Store. I knew something was wrong. I could sense it.”
“How could you tell?”
“As we entered the town there were a dozen wagons like ours that had been abandoned. Some of them looked broken down. One really stood out to me. The wheels were broken off and the wood was rotting away, like it had been there for a while. The canopy was torn and flapping in the wind. For a moment as it flapped I swear I saw an old blood stain on it.”
The recent memory haunted Sarah making her pause. The Rider asked, “Did your father and brother come out of the building.”
My father did. He said inside was just old mining equipment, dynamite and things like that. There were also a few odd devices but didn’t know what they were.”
“And you’re brother.”
Tears filled her eyes as she reflected on this horrible moment.
“Dad said he went to the second floor. It was then we heard this blood curling scream, and Robert came flying out of the second window. He had a noose around his neck, and his body slammed against the side of the building. Oh it was horrible!”
“I’m sorry. How did you get away?”
“I’m not sure what happened next. My parents got their rifles out and told me to hide in the wagon. They fired a few shots but I could hear them screaming, then it got real quiet. I peeked out and saw people dressed in black taking my parents into the same building my brother died in. I was so scared. I snuck and rode of. I just took one horse from our wagon hoping they wouldn’t notice I was gone, but as I got away from the town I saw that horrible thing riding behind me. Then I saw you.”
“Sarah, I can’t promise I’ll get your family back, but I’ll do my best.”
“I know.” They were now at the edge of town.
“What do I call you.”
“You can call me Rider.”
“But what is your name? You’re the Ringed Rider but that’s not your name.”
“It is who I am.”
“Rider, I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw today. That horse had its flesh coming off it. And whatever was riding it, it seemed, inhuman. Have you ever seen anything like that before?.”
“No, never in my life.” In this moment his voice no longer gave the appearance of a larger than life warrior, but instead revealed a man in fear and trembling of the evil set loose upon the earth.
“Me neither. Rider, I want to tell you, in case we don’t make it…”
The Rider did not say a word but his turned head, his look into her eyes was enough to interrupt her. His resolve would not allow him to back away from this danger.
Their horse galloped past the wagon that once carried Sarah’s family. She motioned to the old General Store now cloaked in blackness. “It was here, inside this building.”
The Rider got of his horse and said “Okay, take my horse and wait behind your wagon. If something else comes out of here that’s not me, take this horse and go as far as you can. This horse is as fast as the wind.”
“No I’m coming with you, my family is in there.”
“I don’t want you getting killed too.”
“Well riding away on horseback didn’t work so well last time now did it?”
The royal blue mask could not hide the frustration behind his face. He opened a small compartment on his saddle which held another pistol. “Do you know how to use this?”
Sarah gripped the gun, “I sure do.”

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