The Ringed Rider: The Dead Rise Again part 5

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Ringed Rider Fiction

Sally’s young life flashed before her eyes. Memories of her daddy holding her in his arms, playing with her in the garden, seeming so brave as they traveled the great frontier. She knew the horrible truth, this creature was not her father, nor anyone in her family, and it never would be. Her father taught her the strength to bear this vile hand life had dealt her, and in a moment she drew her gun, shoved the barrel into the beasts eye socket, and pulled the trigger.

“This is one hell you won’t escape from.” the Rider declared. Swiftly defeating Lee he kicked him back down the stairs, joining his creations in the coming damnation.

Upon escaping the chamber, Sarah bolted for the door, but the Rider stopped and opened one of the crates. “What are you doing?” exclaimed Sarah. For the first time in this horrific adventure, Sarah doubted the Rider’s actions.

“These things can still follow us.” the Rider answered as he dumped the crate of dynamite and lit several fuses. Now the two finally escaped on the Rider’s horse. It just barely began to gallop away as the building erupted in a mighty explosion.

Once the reached the edge of town, they paused just a moment to look at the inferno. Sarah thankful that they had escaped, but the Rider with a remorseful tone said “I’m sorry.”


Not able to look at her he answered “I Couldn’t save your family.”

Without hesitation she replied “Those things will never hurt anyone again. That’s what matters now.”

Now able to look at her the Rider said“I couldn’t have stopped them without you. Thank you.”

“The whole time we were in there, I knew we were going to make it.”

“How did you know?”

“Because that’s what you do.”

Sarah removed the dusky mask. Though she could not yet make out his face in the night sky, she would always know that this is was a face she could trust. When he embraced his new friend, he knew that he now had a faithful companion, whom he could share in all his secrets. Sarah lost her family on this horrible day, but at the days end she knew her life would carry on.

As they rode off into the moonlight, they grew too far away to hear it. Below the smoke and the fire and the melted steel, was one lone hellish howl emerging from the depths.

The End

  1. lindsymoran says:

    I love your stories, Jim. Some edits: Memories her mind? And new should be knew. Exciting and romantic.

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