The Flying Fox #1

Posted: April 29, 2020 in The Flying Fox
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Diego put his book bag in the locker room as the men around him taped up their fists. The smell of sweat and dirty clothes beat the smog Los Angeles was renowned for. Once he changed into his workout clothes Diego went out to the gym and hit the heavy bag. Once he noticed all the female trainees his footwork became more dance like as he landed several good combinations on the bag.

“Yeah check out this footwork!” Diego boasted while giving a wink to the girl hitting the bag next to him. She paid him no mind, and soon the image of her fit body in her sports bra and shorts was replaced by a large male torso. The man gave one swift bunch which sent the bag flying, his message firmly delivered.

Unable to back down Diego responded “Oh yeah but I got the speed, check this out.” Diego again danced around his back quickly landing light punches. Neither the man nor his girlfriend were impressed. Diego’s playful temperment changed once he felt something hit his ankle causing him to fall back. He yelled out loud and hit the ground hard, causing the couple, and most everyone else who saw it, to laugh out loud.

Immediately, he sprung back up to his feet with his hands up. Tony, one of the trainers at the gym, was almost doubled over in laughter. It was he who tripped the young student as a rib. “I didn’t teach you that kind of footwork. Real smooth.” he jested.

“Oh you got jokes!” Diego playfully jabbed at his mentor. 

“Let’s go in the ring, I’ll teach you some real moves.”

The pair climbed through the ropes of an empty ring. Diego had taken his gloves off, as wrestling was more Tony’s style. They practiced a few holds and did light some light sparring. The gym echoed in the sounds of bodies hitting mats, fists hitting bags, and the metal clanging of weights. At one point during sparring they were both on their feet, and Diego managed to hook one of Tony’s legs causing him to fall to the ground. “Oh that’s what’s up!” Diego shouted. “Now watch this!” he said as he hopped to the top turn buckle. In a spit second he leapt off the top rope, his body twisted and turned through the air like an aerial ballerenia. He planned to end the move with a body splash on his trainer, what he didn’t expect was Tony leaping back to his feet and catching him in mid air. Tony immediately turned around and slammed his opponent onto the canvas, knocking the wind out of his student.

“Dammit Diego!” Tony shouted as he shot back to his feet. “I told you about that Lucha shit. You do that out in the street and they’ll stab your Mexican ass!” The whole gym now had their eyes on Tony, as most of them rarely saw him lose his cool. “Now 50 pushups and get your ass outta here!”

Tony did the 50 along with his student. Afterwards Diego was ordered to get some water for the two of them. After taking a sip Tony asked “How is your grandpa doing?” 

“He’s ok.” Diego answered, while taking a drink.

“You doing well in school? You doing your homework and stuff?”

“Yeah sure.” Diego said, taking another sip.

“You better be.  Now go on hit the showers, I got a jujitsu class coming in.”

Later as he came out of the shower, Diego felt a wet sting in his lower back. Turning around, he saw the man he hassled before had struck him with a wet towel.  “Not so cocky now are you!” He said.

“You like hitting underage boys in the ass?” Diego immediately fired back.

The sound of “Ooooh!” filled the locker room in response to his comeback.

The man pointed his finger at the boy and said “You ever want real fight I know just the place.” and walked out.

While getting into his car Diego turned his phone on, which immediately started blowing up. Pulling out of the parking lot he called his friend Morea back. As soon as Morea picked up he asked quickly “Hey man, what are you doing tonight?”

“Well right now I’m just leaving the gym.”

“Not supposed to be driving while you’re on the phone amigo.”

“In this traffic I think I’m alright.” Diego laughed. “What’s up?”

“Hey man can you give me a lift tonight?


“Somewhere real cool, I’ll tell you about it when you pick me up.”  

Now Diego felt confused. “Can’t you drive somewhere real cool yourself?”

“Cars in the shop amigo. Please man help a brother out!”

“Well I can get you later, first I gotta check on my grandpa.”

“He’ll be fine man, just come get me.”  

“I’ll call you once I leave the house.”

“Ok,” Morea finally let up. “Just don’t beep the horn my mom doesn’t like that, just park down the street I’ll come out.”

It smelled like Enchiladas when Diego came home. He knew it wasn’t his mom’s cooking as she was working tonight. When he saw his grandfather working over the stove he said “Grandpa I could have made these.” 

“You don’t make them right.” He answered in spanish. “Always add too much chipotle.” 

“If you say so.”Diego laughed as they sat down to eat and continued their conversation in Spanish.   

“Lesnar’s gonna be on Raw tonight. What do you think will happen?” His grandfather asked. 

“I don’t know.” He answered, taking a bite of his Enchilada. “You’ll have to tell me tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow! You’re not gonna watch it with me?”

“I’m hanging out with Morea tonight.”

“That little bandit! I told you he was trouble!” His old wrinkled finger pointed at his grandson.

“Ah, he’s alright.” He knew his grandfather’s assessment wasn’t entirely wrong and gave no further protest. After eating he got up and washed the dishes in the sink, then helped his grandfather get back to his room. As the elderly man was taking his medicine, Diego looked around at all the pictures of old friends. Some of the photographs were even in black and white. 

“Do you think back in your prime you could have taken Lesnar?” 

His Grandfather laughed. “Maybe, if the booker agreed to it!”

“Haha I guess you’re right.” Diego noticed one of the drawers on his dresser was open. Looking up at him was grandpa’s old lucha mask, something no man had worn in a long time.

“Do you ever miss the old days grandpa?”

“Not at all.” The old man said as he slammed the door shut. “That business is filled with liars and thieves, and that’s why I don’t want you having any part of it.” 

Diego nodded in understanding as his grandfather embraced him and said “Alright now you have a good time and be safe.”

As he pulled up to Morea’s house he spotted his car in the driveway. As he slowed down he saw Morea jump out his bedroom window on the side of the house. He quickly pulled his hoodie up and sprinted towards Diego’s car.

“Thanks man” he said hopping in.

“I thought your car was in the shop”

“It was man, it was, I got grounded again.”

“So now I’m an accomplice?”

“Save the cop stuff for your mom.” Morea said as they rolled out of their neighborhood. 

“Alright man just where we’re going?” 

Soon they pulled into an auto body garage. “You’re idea of a good time?” Diego joked. It seemed strange that the parking lot was full when it was after hours.

“Trust me man.” his friend reassured him.

Once they got out of the car and approached the door they could hear the crowd inside. Kennedy, Morea’s cousin, stood at the door with a huge guy that looked like he could be Kennedy’s body-gaurd. “You’re late.” Kennedy scowled. “Next time I get a new bookie.”

“Sorry man, traffic was killer.” Diego considered Morea a good friend, but he knew he was a bullshiter. He attempted to follow Morea in when he was stopped by the large black hand of Kennedy’s body-gaurd. Noticing Diego wasn’t behind him Morea turned around and explained “Come on man he’s with me.”

Finally getting inside Diego noticed the smell of motor oil mixed with the smell of blood and sweat, as if the auto shop he was in was mixed with the smells of the gym he was in earlier. He’d never seen this many people in a garage before. “Weird place to have a party.” he thought. The people inside formed a big circle and were yelling and cheering some with drinks in their hands. It was then he saw another familiar sight, inside the circle were two bare knuckle brawlers throwing punches at each other. Diego couldn’t believe it. He’d seen stuff like this in the movies and in video games, but never dreamt he’d see something like this in person. 

The crowd roared in unison as one fighter landed an incredible roundhouse punch to his opponent, knocking him to the concrete floor. Diego just stared in disbelief. His friend wrapped his arm around him and excitedly boasted, “Just like Fight Club, but this shit is for real!”

Thank you all for the support of the blogverse this past month. This is the last new tale of this fantastic project. Next week, our most popular entry returns. Ghost City #2. What further eerieness awaits Jennifer at her new school, and how is it connected to her strange neighbor.

In two weeks, the return of Jaguar! Who is the mysterious benefactor, what do they want, and will she even help?

The Lights of Mirigan return in three weeks. What are the mysterious lights over Melbourne, and how do they connect with a young man caught up in a local extremist group?

Come back in 30 for the Flying Fox #2. Diego is enamored by his new discovery, will he take part in this deadly hobby, and if so, what price will he pay. Tune in next month for the next chapters of the blogverse!


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