Lights of Mirigan Issue #4

Posted: July 15, 2020 in Blogverse, The Light of Mirigan
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To the Doctors it was a small miracle. Fred’s wounds, though never incredibly serious, healed almost overnight. The police couldn’t hold him for anything, though there was no explanation as to how his attacker electrocuted himself, so Fred was free to go. After his strange dreams he decided to visit his mother.

Mental hospitals are never like you see in the movies. As Fred walked down the main cooridoor, the patients were calm and smiling. A few of them were helping clean, mopping the floor and talking the garbage out.

Well today there was one exception, a handfull of orderlies rushed into one room as a man was screaming. When Fred walked by the room he saw what looked like a Chinese man being restrained in his bed. He couldn’t help but laugh as the man was yelling incoherently. As he passed he could still hear him, and was able to make out one phrase in English, “Ghost City!” the patient screamed. “Ghost City!”

Fred found his mother lying in her bed. He was surprised she wasnt up and about, he remembered her always being active. She still did her painting, a few pictures of her creation were taped on the wall. There were pictures of constelations and things in outerspace. He never knew her to be a science fiction fan, but there were even pictures of strange alien landscapes.  One more familiar picture was of the Blue Mountains he rememebered exploring as a kid.

“Freddy you came to see me!” Her face lit up as she turned to see him. He hadn’t realized how long it had been since he’d been here. Immeditately she noticed a scratch on her face that for some reason hadn’t healed. “Oh what happened to you! You weren’t fighting again were you?”

“I’m fine mom. Are you keeping well?”

“They treat me good here.” she said. How is Richie?”

“I don’t talk to him anymore mom. He’s a cop now.”

She grew sad as she remembered, “You used to be such good friends. I remember when you two used to go to the Blue Mountains. Your dad loved that place too.”

“That was a long time ago mom.” He didn’t want to talk about this.

“That one time Rich’s grandma told me they found you in that cave in the mountains, just staring off into God knows what haha. You were always out in outer space.” A tear floated down her cheek as she finished the memory. “Just like your father.”

“You don’t talk about dad much anymore.”

Perhaps not clearly hearing what he said she answered “Oh I talk to him all the time. It’s like that Celine Dion song, ‘Every night in my dreams.'” she cackled. I know you’re a big fan of Celine.

Not in the mood for banter he said “You never did talk about him much after he was gone. You never even told me how you met!”

Her eyes looked with wonder as she remembered something she couldn’t bring herself to share. “Oh if I told you that you’d never believe me. You’d put me in the looney bin!”

“You are in the looney bin mom.”

“Looking at her pictures of far away galaxies she answered. “Yes,…I guess I am. I woudn’t trade it for anything. Your father, he was, he was out of this world.” Her face went blank, he called to her a few times, but nobody was home. This was why he hardly visited anymore.   She would be ok to talk to for a while, but then she would just drift off into space.

It was just as well, Alexander called him as soon as he got to his car. “You alright mate?” The leader of the movement asked.

“Yeah I’m good. What’s up.”

“Big meeting tonight. I’ll text you the location.”

Officer Eades had never been to the Holden reserve. Seemed like a nice place to have a picnic with your family. Not today though, Harry, his fellow officer and informant, was face down in a lake.

“What do you think happened sir?” Another officer asked.

Richard didn’t have an answer, but back at the station, there was a file Harry helped him fill with information about Russian activity in Melbourne. Something big was going down, and he would be dammed if he didn’t find out what it is.

The sun was setting as Fred saw Alexander in front of an old Warehouse. He greeted him with a big smile. “Wow mate, glad you made it out in one piece. What happened?”

“I don’t really remember honestly.” That wasn’t too much of a lie.

“I’m so sorry mate, I told those guys I would take care of it. I knew you weren’t the snitch. Don’t worry about that by the way, I got our leak plugged.”

“So what are we doing out here?”

Alexander didn’t have to answer. Just then  two headlights shined on them as the van approached. The engine shut off, and Fred’s fist clenched as two dark skinned men got out. What was this, some kind of ambush?

Fred almost charged them right there, but Alexander held his hand up to Fred’s chest as he spoke, something. It wasn’t in English, Fred didn’t understand. He never knew Alexander to speak anything but the native tongue. The stranger answered back, and the two embraced like long lost friends.

Finally speaking English Alexander said “Good to see you guys again. This is Fred, one of my newest, and more honest recruits.”

Fred felt repulsed as the two men went to shake his hand and greeted him like he was an old friend.

“The Czar sends his best.” The other man said. “He will soon be here to oversea things.”

“Sounds great.” Alexander said as he exchanged what was a stack of money for a small but heavy box. “Looks like phase two is a go.” Then looking at Fred he asked “So Fred, you still know how to fly?”

Fred was still puzzled about the whole situation. What was going on?

Tune in next week for the Flying Fox #4. The week after that I’ll be taking a break. Gotta rest my brain after spinning all these yarns. Be sure to come back in August for our most popular tale, Ghost City, and more from the blogverse.

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