Flying Fox issue #4

Posted: July 22, 2020 in Blogverse, The Flying Fox
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Diego felt like a million bucks walking into school. He high fived his friends as he walked past the big sign for the Valentines dance. Then he saw her, there at her locker getting her books. Mia always looked good, but in his eyes she was extra radiant today, especially when she smiled at him.

“Bad news Diego.” Mia was not smiling now.

“What I’m too handsome?”

“You wish!” She playfully pushed him. “ I’m sorry my family is insisting I stay across town this weekend.”

“Why what’s up?”

“My Uncle’s store got trashed last night. Gangs acting up again.”


“Yeah my parents are really freaking out. They’re worried being targeted. I’m sorry.”

Diego put on his bravado as he said “No don’t worry about it.” As long as you are safe?”

“Ok, thanks for understanding.” She then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Gotta get to class.”

After school that day Diego ate with his mom and Grandpa. His mom had to eat in a hurry as she had to go into work. She kissed her son on the cheek before she left. Diego then helped his grandpa get into bed. He often took a short nap after dinner, Once he fell asleep, he stood watch over him. He wondered about all the adventures his grandfather must have had, what stories there were that he would never hear. He quietly slid his dresser drawer open. There, just where he left it after last time, was the Flying Fox lucha mask. As Diego walked out of the room, he heard his grandfather’s voice speaking in Spanish. He figured he was talking in his sleep again, until he heard what he said. 

“Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Diego felt like Batman looking out over the rooftops of Chinatown. Down the street was the shop that Mia’s family owned. He was sure at school everyone was wondering why he wasn’t at the dance, but someone was messing with his Mia, or at least with her family, and he couldn’t have that.

He put an app on his phone that picked up police signals. Was unusually quiet tonight, but soon enough, he saw it. Two guys running out of the store with masks over their heads. He could tell they were amateur punks as they were laughing and hollering as the ran down the street. Luckily they were running right toward them. He thought later he wished he’d had a camera on him as he did an acrobatic leap off a nearby store and landed on one of the hoodlums. The criminal accomplise froze as the Flying Fox rebounded off the ground, and with a minauture wooden bat he carried, struck the other criminal in the head. A few people across the street laughed and cheered while they got their phones out. Diego pulled out a few zip ties and tied the crooks to a nearby street sign, then took the stolen bag of money and gave it back to the store. “Courtesy of your amigo, the Flying Fox!’ He told the cashier with a wink before running off into the night.

Kennedy hugged his cousin Morea as they met at their favorite Indian restaurant. They made small talk over curry before Kennedy got to the point. “You know your my family right?”

“Yeah man.”

“But you’re not my only family. I got a big family, all over this city, and I gotta watch out for all of them.”

“Yeah I know man.” Morea nervously answered. 

“Loyalty!” Kennedy pointed his finger, “that’s what’s important.”

Morea nodded.

“You’ve been dealing outside the system.”

“Oh come on man.”

“Are you really gonna try to deny it. I could have stopped you right away, but I wanted to see if you’d go through with it.” Now Morea was silent. “I could whack you right here, and I should, but #1, you’re my family, and #2, it was you that came up with the idea to settle the peace between the gangs. This fighting thing that is such a big part of our business now. So we’re gonna put your solution to good use. You are gonna fight, fight for your honor, maybe even your life.”

Hope everyone is doing well. It sure has been hot the last few days. I’ll be taking a break next week, luckily this month has been merciful by having an extra Wednesday haha. Tune in next month for the conclusion of the Flying Fox and other blogverse tales.

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