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Richard’s grandmother was surprisingly agile as she climbed over the stones. She had led Richard and his young friend Fred deep under the earth. Fred was beginning to wish he had brought a jacket as his mother suggested before he left, as the crisp subterrenean air nipped at his skin. As many times as Richard explored these caves, he was still amazed as he turned off his flashlight to find himself not in total blackness, but in the green glow of phosphorescence emmenating from the rocky walls. 

Fred watched his friend anxiously run down one of the cavern pathways while he followed his friend’s grandmother down another. Soon they found themselves in an immense cavern, too big be believed. It was filled with an underground lake, the water shimmering in the phosphorence.

Fred touched his fingers in the cold water, and when he turned around he saw the old woman standing before him. It was an image like out of a dream, she stood before him in a shroud of mist, the green light now turned white, shining behind her. “You have the light of Mirigan.” She said. Young Fred was confused at what she meant. “You have a power that comes from the stars.” He did not see her lips moving as his mind registered her words. Then, as though she could hear his internal confusion, she continued. “You will learn in time. Know now you’re current allies will betray you. Rekindle your lost friendship, and your mind will be at ease.” What was she talking about? He had been friends with Richard for a few years now, ever since fifth grade math class.

In his apartment off Batman street, Fred awoke to the sound of pounding on his door.  Now surrounded by darkness he asked “Who is it?” 

“It’s me Fred, open up.” He thought the voice sounded familiar, and when he cracked the door open he saw a familiar dark skinned man waiting for him.

“G’day Fred.” Officer Eades said. “May I come in.”

“Do you got a warrant?”

“Come on man let me in. I just want to talk.”

“Not without a warrant.” Fred attempted to shut the door but the officer’s foot was blocking it.

“Bunch of stores were vandalized last night.” Officer Eades explained. “All “ethnic” as you would say. You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” 

“Wasn’t me.”

Eades could see the poster for the group on the wall. “Funny,” he said, they all belonged to the local fitness group. I guess that’s just a coincidence eh?” 

“Must be.”

“So what’s next, you gonna get a Swastika and be the next Fuhrer, or maybe you should get a white robe like the yanks.”

“What’s it to you? 

“Come on man we both know what this is about.” The officer was both agitated and disappointed. “You’re not the only one that lost your pop! My dad died too you know!”

“Are you done?”

The policeman pointed his finger sternly as if Fred were a child. “If you get caught doing this shit, I can’t help you.”

Removing his foot from the door he walked down the walkway. Fred kept the door open and watched the policeman leave. “Funny,” the cop said as he continued walking. “I had a dream about grandma last night. Never dream of her you know. We were kids, back when he would take us hiking through the blue mountains.” He stopped to turn around, “Remember that?”

Fred was at a loss for words, but nodded his head.

“Just don’t do anything too stupid alright?” Fred’s former friend pleaed. “Take care of yourself.”

“You too Richard.”

Richard stopped in at the bagel shop before going to work. “What happened last night!” Was the first thing he heard walking in. David was real pissed off.

“Somebody snitched on us!” Another guy said. 

“Keep it down we got customers coming in.” Alexander ordered from behind the counter. 

 “Never mind that.” Zane said sitting at his seat. Did you hear about Luna Park?” 

“What about it?” David asked. 

“People saw lights in the sky. They’re back, and they’re watching us.”

“What are you talking about?” Fred asked. 

“I saw on the news,” Zane explained. “NASA found Ultima and Thule in the Kuiper Belt. Some say that’s where we descended” He looked at Fred and said “You know, they were here 15 years ago. Now they’re back.”

“Man shut the fuck up with that shit!” Fred lashed out. “Come on David we gotta get to work. I’m parked outside.”

Soon the crew that followed Alexander left, Alex asked an employee to man the cash register while he went in his small office. 

Closing the door behind him, he saw the blank image on the screen, his benefactor never revealed his face. “How is the land down under?” The seemingly disembodied voice said. 

“We had a few new recruits, but there was a bust last night, we lost a few.”

“You weeded out those that were week.” The voice said mysteriously. “I’ve been watching. You are ready for the next phase. Our representative will meet you soon.”

Fred didn’t talk to David much during their shift at the Warehouse. Usually there wasn’t much time to socialize anyway. David didn’t usually ride with him, and on the way was asking him a lot about last night. Fred was confused himself. The police seemed to be right there, and how did he get on that roof. Fred almost felt like the whole thing was a dream. Could he ran up a fire escape and blacked out? His mind couldn’t pathom the events he had just experienced.

After his shift he waited in the parking lot for David. The weather was starting to cool, summer was almost over. He looked up at the stars and remembered his father. He hadn’t thought of his father for a while, but there he was, remembering his father flying through these very skies. “What was that asshole talking about?” He thought to himself, remembering the older guy at the bagel shop. He was always going on about UFO’s and the like. He’d had enough of that shit.

Suddenly he felt a clubbing blow to the back of his head. He fell to the ground and was met with a series of kicks to the body. “You snitched on us you asshole!” David shouted while kicking him. There was another man with him, he didn’t know who he was but he held a tire iron that now dripped with his blood.

Fred knew he didn’t have a lot of time. The blows continued when Fred felt a rushing sensation throughout his body, like a strong current of electricity was running through it. Instinctively he raished his hand toward David, desperately trying to shove him away. All three were shocked as David’s body flew through the air at an impossible length. The tire iron again was swung down toward him. Now on his knees, Fred gripped it with his other hand. The man immediately began convulsing, his hair stood on end as if he were being electrocuted.  Only when Fred released his grip did the convulsing stop and the man crumbled to the ground. Fred himself went back down to the ground, Between the blow to his head, and the shock of recent events, he knew he was about to pass out. His last thought before his eyes closed was, “What’s happening to me?”

I hope everyone has been keeping safe. The weather is getting much nicer and things are slowly beginning to open up again. Hope you have enjoyed this story. Come back in 30 for more tales of uncanny lights and conspiracy tales.

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As soon as the 90s started, conspiracy was all the rage. It arguably began in 1991 with Oliver Stone’s JFK, about the alleged conspiracy to kill Kennedy. That same year, the TV show Sightings featured “investigative reports” on paranormal activity. Two years later was The X-Files, the TV Drama that ran through the decade, about alien abductions and government conspiracies.

UFO and abduction tales were nothing new, Whitley Streiber published his encounters with big eyed creatures in 1987’s Communion. The first book about Roswell, the great UFO story of our day, came out in 1980. By the 90s the phenomenon was in fool force.  Books were published, and daytime talkshows were filled with alleged abductees, not just your fly by night hosts either. I remember none other that Oprah Winfrey had an episode about it, complete with an author who studied the phenomenon, and concluded it was real. As a kid these stories freaked me out. At night I’d wonder if big eyed creatures would come in my room and anal probe me!

A few years back I noticed the phenomeon sort of went away, from the mainstream anyway. I wondered what that said for it’s validity. Since the 90s I learned that in the 1950s there was a contactee fad. People claimed they rode UFO’s to Venus and stuff like that, sounds silly looking back on it.

Anyway I just finished “The Abduction Enigma: The Truth Behind the Mass Alien Abductions of the Late Twentieth Century.” It was written by Kevin D. Randle, Russ Estes, and William P. Cone, Ph.D, and published in 1999, interestingly enough.

Without rehasing the entire book let me sum up the main points. Abduction tales are like modern day folklore, stories that evolve and change over time, but are spread faster than older folklore due to the mass media. Stories similar to alien abduction can be found in history involving mythological monsters, demons, witches, and fairies. (Of course Streiber notes fairies himself in Communion, hinting it could have been aliens all along).

In the last century science fiction stories have fed us with big eyed alien abduction stories, several movies are noted. If you look at the early abduction tales like Betty and Barney Hill, the descriptions of the aliens don’t totally match the “Greys” we know today. Their appearance has evolved, if you will.

We also know from harrowing child abuse cases that repressed memories are not reliable, niether are hypnosis techniques used to recover them. (Hypnosis is more reliable for relaxation and treatment for addiction) More unsettling is that abduction stories can be fed to a patient by the therapist, through the use of leading questions. (Similar to how alleged psychics do “Cold Readings.”) More reinforcement comes from paranormal media and UFO support groups. Sleep paralysis also plays a role in not being able to move and seeing strange things in your room.

The authors do not suggest therapists deliberately trick patients, but that sometimes in the mental health field people are desperate to find answers to help their sick patients. So they unintentionally give in to the latest pop psych trend.

There’s no physical evidence of abductions. Abductee claims of implants are just scar tissue and things like that. Small scars/marks on the body are not conclusive. We all can find strange marks on our body if we really look.

Finally, a logical look at the general abduction tale. Creatures who have mastered interstellar travel abduct humans to repeatedly do the same experiments, and erase memories of the experience. Yet primitive mankind today can do tons of genetic research with but a few small genetic samples, and a weekend course in hypnotherapy can un-erase abduction memories. Also, many abductions have a high sexual component, which is often under-reported. Why would aliens abduct women, implant them with an alien fetus, and send them back to earth where they could fall down the steps or get hit by a car and die and lose the fetus. Why not take a man to bang a hot alien chic. Greys, you know where I live.

(Consequently a true laugh out loud moment is on page 97.

As she lay there, immobile on the table, one of the five foot aliens mounted her, looked deep in her eyes, and what she heard him say was, “What you need is a good f#*k!”)

Though very interesting the book isn’t put together well. There’s a few grammar/spelling mistakes, and after presenting all the arguments, gives us 100 pages plus detailing individual UFO researchers and why they’re wrong. I found that tedious. There’s also a strong lead in early on to Satanic Ritual Abuse, an extremely similar phenomenon, but it’s not followed up on until later. Most confusing is the introduction, where two of the three authors say they do in fact believe in the phenomenon. Estes says on p 18, “If asked the question, do I believe in alien contact? I would respond with a simple “Yes.””

Randle follows up on p22, “I  believe that UFO’s represent, in rare cases, alien visitation…I believe, based on some very compelling evidence, and on some testimony from some very credible sources, that there has been extraterrestrial visitation.”

That confused the greys out of me. I re-read it several times, second guessing myself, but that’s what it says.

When I was real little there was this Buick commercial where a big bird would screech on the screen. I remember a dream I had as a young child where I was laying in my bed at night, and I heard “Jimmy.” I looked up and saw the Buick bird looking at me, and it screeched “Raaahhh.” If the wrong person got a hold of me at the time, they might have convinced my mom I’d been molested. Ten years later they might have convinced me that my dream was a screen for a memory of alien abduction. In it’s own way, either outcome is scarier than what may lurk in the night sky.