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(Originally Published on Myspace on 5/12/2007, updated 5/6/2013)

Transformers 3 was by no means a great movie, but it amazed me in that, being the third entry in the franchise, it was the best in the series. (Not that that’s saying much). It reminded me of an old idea I’d written about a while back on myspace. Said idea is as follows.

It seems to me that many times, especially with big franchise movies, the third entry in a film series is a stinker, not as good as the first two, or at least the point where it starts to go downhill. Why this is, whose to say, plus it’s kind of objective anyway. Especially with big budget series like Spiderman, there is so much money involved and so many people with input on what should be done, that it must be hard to sustain creativity and quality across three entries. There are exceptions of course, and if a real movie buff took a hard look at it they might see it differently. Either way here’s is a list off the top of my head of film series which suffer “The Curse of the Three”.




Die Hard

Friday the 13th

Iron Man


Paranormal Activity






Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Feel free to add your own, disagree, or whatever.

Happy thirds.