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Without a doubt the number one fantasy match that never happened in professional wrestling is Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of the many things that fill Youtube is fan made wrestling promos for matches that never happened. There’s a lot of Hogan Austin promos out there, but I think this one takes the cake. There was actually another one from years ago I wanted to give honorable mention to, but I think it’s not online anymore. Anyway, enjoy!



Legion of Doom vs The Road Warriors

Papa Shango vs The Godfather

Kane vs Issac Yankem

John Cena vs The Prototype

Steve Austin vs The Ringmaster

X-Pac vs The 1-2-3 kid

Papa Shango vs the Godfather

Hulk Hogan vs Mr America.

Brutus the Barber Beefcake vs Zodiac

Mr. Kennedy vs Mr. Anderson

 Big Bubbah Rogers vs Big Bossman

One Man Gang vs Akheem

These matches would be Natural Disasters

Earthquake vs Shark

Tugboat vs Typhoon, with special guest referee the Shockmaster.

The number one match that absolutely positively could never happen.

 Mick Foely vs Cactus Jack vs Dude Love vs Mankind in a Fatal Four Way Barbed Wire Hell in a Cell Japanese Death Match.

These matches could never happen, but one match that could happen is

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Diesel and Razor Ramon


I’ve been out of touch with video games for a while, but last year I played the Smackdown vs Raw series. (07-09) In the story modes of these games you can choose to be on Smackdown or Raw, you can switch brands, and there are stories with cross brand rivalry. ECW is also in the mix in the 08 and 09 versions. Being new to me it got my wheels turning to an idea I’d become obsessed with. What if they made a Monday Night Wars video game?

(The Monday Night Wars was when WCW aired Monday Night Nitro head to head against WWE’s Raw. It began in 1995 and ended in 2001, when WWE bought WCW)

Imagine a game with every wrestler, gimmick, TV personality, TV Show, announcer, match type, PPV, etc, that aired on WCW and WWE from 9/95 to 2001, with maybe a few things after 01 as well. It would also include the entirety of ECW. Triple cage matches, multi-ring battle royals, World War Three matches, etc. What a game that would be!

I see the game broken down by different eras for each company. For example, WCW would start with the pre-NWO era, from 9/95 to 96’s Bash at the Beach. The next era would be NWO, then NWO Wolfpac, then New Blood/Millionaires, or something like that.

The game modes for each era would be like  games we have now, Story mode, championship modes for the various singles and tag belts, and a career mode. I always wanted to see a stable mode where your group must get the world title, tag titles, and one secondary belt. This mode would have some story, as you have to keep the stable together and maybe recruit and fire members. A separate Stable Challenge would be a Survivor Series, World War 3, type match against other stables.

Career mode would be pretty sophisticated. You pick one wrestler, and choose a company to start in, WCW, WWE, or ECW. Your goal is to win the world titles in all three companies. Secondary goals are to win at all the PPV and match types of each company, and finally to simply survive the Monday Night Wars. This could also be like a role playing game where you have to train your character, develop different skills, avoid injury, and make money to buy other unlocked characters, PPVs, match types, outfits, etc.

Each company would have advantages and disadvantages for this mode. ECW would earn you the least money, but would make you the most popular. Their training would be average. WWE would have the best training, average money, but not make you as popular. WCW would pay the most, give average popularity, but the lowest training.

There’d be lots of unlockables, like different wrestlers or old gimmicks, (Like Austin’s ring master gimmick, etc.) The look of each years PPV would be unlockable as well. (Example, Wresltemania XVI, XVII, XVIII etc)

One feature on SVsR that seems interesting but is actually kind of dull is the general manager mode. I don’t know how to make this interesting, but we’d need to have a mode where you actually run WCW, WWE, and ECW. You have to fight off invasions from other brands, deal with network and locker room politics, etc. One idea is for WCW you invade the WWE taped shows to steal there results. If you win a backstage brawl, then you get the results back to WCW for a ratings bonus. For WWE, you’d defend against the same thing. In here you could have different outcomes to the era. Like what if WCW ended up buying WWE, or what if by some miracle ECW emerged victorious.

Other what if scenarios can be played out, such as what if the Montreal Screwjob turned out differently? After the wars, what if the NWO lasted longer in the WWE? What if ECW kept all it’s big stars? The possibilities are many.

The final mode would be Fantasy Match, where you get to play big matches that never occurred. Hogan/Austin, DX/NWO, Sting/Undertaker, etc.

A game like this, and wrestling games in general could use a trivia game.

Now let me address the two elephants in the room. With all due respect a lot of us fans would love to have Owen Hart in this game. I would agree to not have his Blue Blazer gimmick or the Over the Edge PPV.

The other is Chris Benoit. The WWE has virtually wiped away Benoit from it’s history. I don’t believe putting him in a game condones his horrible actions, but I understand the sensitivity of the matter. One compromise could be to have a wrestler called The Crippler, who looks and has the same move set as Benoit. Then he could be in the game without having to use his name.

I believe that having both wrestlers in some capacity in a game is not meant to exploit tragedy, but for fans to remember their in ring work during this incredible era.

For a game like this I want it all, but if it were really made what realistically would be in it? Probably not Owen and Benoit, the KISS wrestler, celebrities like Dave Arquette and Mike Tyson, and probably not some of the more obscure characters from the era. It’d be a shame not to have Sting. There’s so many announcers, so for simplicity sake it’d probably be Bischoff and Heenan for WCW, J.R. and Lawler for WWE, and Joey Styles for ECW. Either way if they made a game even close to this I wouldn’t leave the house for a year.

Oh well, here’s to dreaming.

#1 Hogan vs Austin

Tag Line: Who was the Biggest Superstar of all time?


The face of wrestling in the 80s, the face of wrestling in the 90s, the face off in the new century.

Why? Training prayers and vitamins vs Hell Yeah beer swilling and middle fingers. Who was a bigger star, who’s the bigger icon, whose the greater legend? Who was the biggest name wrestling history? Austin/Hogan may be wrestling’s most debated fantasy match.

Could it have happened?

Looking back, Wrestlemania 18 should have been Hogan/Austin, instead of Hogan/Rock. They had that match for the Rock to help his movie career. It helped the Rock get mainstream exposure, but has he had a successful movie career? Of course Hogan wrestled this match in his NWO gimmick. The real fantasy match is the real American, red and yellow Hulkster, against the black and white, foul mouthed Stone Cold Steve Austin. This match at least could have happened at the next Wrestlemania, or Wrestlemania 20 if Hogan stayed with the company till then, which he didn’t. A real shame because, with the WWE promotion machine, this absolutely could have been the biggest match ever.

Could it still happen? Hogan is now in TNA, while Austin makes occasional appearances on WWE TV. Could Austin jump ship to TNA and steal wrestling’s #1 fantasy match from WWE?  Even if he did, Hogan is very limited in what he can do in the ring these days. 10 years ago this still could have went down and been a good match. It’s a shame really.

Who would win? At this point Austin, only because it’d be more believable. Plus Austin is pushing to be a Hollywood action star.

Who should win? Of the whole series, this is the toughest call. I love them both, but I give it to Hogan.

Check this out.

Honorable mentions:

Shawn Michaels vs Sting

Chris Benoit vs the Dynamite Kid

John Cena vs the Ultimate Warrior (Haha)

Eddie Guerrero vs HBK

Dudley Boys vs the Legion of Doom

Kurt Angle vs Ken Patera

and finally, one match we’ll definitely never see,

Cactus Jack vs Mankind in an Ultimate Death Match.

Hope you enjoyed this.

 #2 DX vs NWO

Tag Line Two Words For Life

Why? The stable that made WCW, vs the stable that re-made WWF. The two most controversial stables in wrestling history. Who had a bigger impact on wrestling, who was tougher, who was the baddest?

Angle: Of all matches on the list this would have been the most fun angle to watch. DX pranks/traps vs NWO beat-downs. In 2002, the NWO came to the WWF. It didn’t last long. Kevin Nash had repeated injuries, Hall soon left the company for personal reasons, and Hogan’s return was met with such positive reaction that he left the group and turned face/back to the red and yellow. That summer Shawn Michaels returned to the ring. If the NWO gimmick had lasted longer, and Hogan stayed with them, NWO could have feuded with HHH, (Which they were teasing at anyway, with wanting him to join) prompting him to bring HBK out of retirement. DX vs NWO could feasibly have been booked for Summerslam of 2002.

My number one scenario for the match is the simplest, NWO=Hogan, Hall, Nash, vs DX=HBK, HHH.

Another scenario would be the NWO recruiting Big Show/The Giant, leading DX to recruit the Billy Gunn and Road Dogg A.K.A. The Road Dogs. X-Pac would bring intrigue to the angle, as he’d been in both groups before. Who would he side with now? He’d go with DX since NWO would have The Giant.

Who would win? In a WWE ring, DX of course.

Who should win? NWO, with Hogan scoring the pin fall over Michaels.

WWF vs WCW vs ECW; Three Way Five Man Survivor Series Elimination match.

Tag Line: The Final Battle. 


WWF: Austin, Rock, Angle, Undertaker, HBK,

WCW : Hollywood Hogan, Flair, Sting, Goldberg, The Giant

ECW: Mick Foley/Cactus Jack, Rey Mysterio, RVD, Tommy Dreamer, Raven. (I’m tempted to replace Raven with Sandman or Mike Awesome, also tempted to take Rey out but he’s is a big star obviously)


After WWF bought WCW in 2001, and ECW was out of business, the Invasion Angle was launched. What potentially could have been the greatest angle ever turned out to be one of the most disappointing. The reasons are many, and not all of them WWF’s fault. Many top stars like Hogan, Flair, Goldberg, etc, actually had contracts through AOL Time Warner, hence couldn’t appear on WWF programming anyway.

I could write an entire book on how the Invasion angle could have turned out, but for simplicity sake let’s just talk about this match. We’ll pretend this was the main event for Survivor Series 2001, one big blowout match where only one company could survive. This was the kind of match needed to end the Monday Night Wars. 

Who would have won? Vince always put his own stars over, so of course WWF.

Who should win? It would have been healthy story wise to have WCW win to keep that brand alive and maybe continue having it’s own show.

#4 Ric Flair vs The Million Dollar Man; Ted DiBiase

Tag Line: The Man vs the Millions.


To Be the Man, You Gotta Pay the Price.

Why? Two of the best heels ever. One of WWF’s top heels of the 80s vs the Dirtiest Player in the Game. Not to mention both men are top notch wrestlers, and both have similar builds. This would have been one for the ages.

Angle: Of all the matches on this list, this one has the clearest angle in my mind.

Remember in the 80s when the Million Dollar Man tried to buy the World Championship Belt from Hulk Hogan? What if he made Flair the same offer, and he accepted?

Picture this. At a PPV Flair just retained the title in an incredible match against Sting. On the next wrestling show, he cuts a promo saying he’s beaten everyone and has nothing left to prove. He’s going to retire with the belt. DiBiase makes his debut appearance, coming to the ring and agreeing that Flair has nothing left to prove. He makes Flair and offer. After a few weeks, during which there is much protest from other wrestlers and on screen company management, the deal is made. Flair retires and DiBiase is the new World Champion.

In the next few months DiBiase defends the title against many of the top faces, Steamboat, Savage, Luger, etc. He cheats horribly every time, and is a despicable champion. Meanwhile we see vignettes of Flair living it up like no one ever has, huge limos, jets, girls, wine, suits, etc.

Finally DiBiase defends against Sting, (DiBiase vs Sting is a fantasy matche right there.) Flair is present, watching the match from a VIP section. Again DiBiase wins and treats Sting horribly.

The next night, DiBiase comes out to gloat, saying he’s beaten everyone, and he’ll be champion forever, etc. Suddenly Flair comes out, to everyone’s surprise. Flair tells DiBiase he’s been a terrible champion, and he’s disrespected the title, the business, and the other wrestlers in ways Flair never has. Flair reminds DiBiase he hasn’t beaten everybody. He announces he’s coming out of retirement, and taking back his belt!

During the next few weeks DiBiase tries to worm his way out of the match, but the company insists it go on. Flair has vignettes of trashing his expensive jets, limos, ditching the women, champagne down the drain, etc. In the ring he gives incredible promos while tearing off his expensive suit and throwing it into the crowd. “Money, cars, women, they’re NOTHING, without PRIDE! WHOOOOO!!! DiBiase!!! You say that everybody’s gotta price. Well you’re gonna learn that Ric Flair, DOES NOT HAVE A PRICE!!!!! WHOOOO!!!!”

In a last ditch effort DiBiase insists that if Flair has his match, he must return all the money, since he’s breaking their deal. This puts Flair in dire straights because he trashed all the cars/clothes etc he bought with it, hence he can’t sell them back. We’re sold on the idea that Flair is losing every penny to pay back DiBiase, having to sell his own possessions etc.

 Flair comes to the ring with a big pile of money on a table. DiBiase comes out to collect, when suddenly Flair burns the money right in front of DiBiase’s eyes. The Million Dollar Man flips his lid, while Flair pulls a Joker Ala The Dark Knight and says “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!!! WHOOO!!!”

 The match is still on for the next PPV. Flair returns to the ring without his fancy robes and girls, just plain wrestling trunks. No styling, no profiling, it’s all business. It’s a classic match. Just when Flair is about to win it, Arn Anderson betrays him, and Flair loses the match. Arn Anderson has been seduced by the money, but a rematch is on at the next PPV, this time inside a steel cage. It’s a bloody brutal helacious match. Flair is the winner and new champion. WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Could it still happen? Not with that program obviously. Flair can still wrestle at 61, but DiBiase doesn’t wrestle anymore, so probably not.

#5 Bret Hart vs Kurt Angle

Tag Line: Who is the best there ever was?

Why? The Canadian Hero vs the Olympic gold medalist. Bret Hart and Kurt Angle are considered two of the all time best in ring technicians. The best of yesterday vs the best of today. A simple enough idea for an outstanding match.

Could it still happen? Bret Hart left wrestling after suffering a concussion, and a few years later he had a stroke. After the stroke he actually talked about a match with Kurt Angle, but said after the stroke he definitely couldn’t wrestle anymore.  Bret did have a “match” against Vince at Wrestlemania, but it’s obvious he can’t take real bumps anymore, so unfortunately this match will never happen.

Who would/should win? Angle for both.

#6 Sting Vs Undertaker.

Tag Line: Two Dark Heroes Battle for Wrestling’s Soul.

Angle: It could be very similar to the HBK/Taker match at Wrestlemania 25. Sting comes to the WWE to vanquish the dark force that is the Undertaker. Play up on Sting’s real life religious beliefs and it almost writes itself.

Could it still happen? I can’t see Taker working for another company at this point in his career, and even if he did he couldn’t use the Undertaker gimmick. Sting has frequently expressed no desire to work for WWE, so probably not.

Who would win? This almost has to be a Wrestlemania match, and we all know who wins those.

 #7 Austin vs Goldberg

 Tag Line: Austin’s Next, Oh Hell Yeah!

 One of the most heated points between WWF and WCW back in the Monday Night wars was that Goldberg was an Austin rip off. I don’t believe this, but both have similar builds, are bald and wear black trunks. Still, they are different characters. Goldberg is an unstoppable juggernaut, and Austin is a redneck.

Could it have happened? It almost could have when Goldberg came to WWE in 2003, but Austin wasn’t ring active then. Just a few years prior this match would have been red hot.

Could it still happen? Goldberg was not happy with the product in WWE, so will probably never go back. If TNA was able to sign him, and then sign Austin, it’d be a huge boost for them, stealing a dream match away from WWE.

Who would win? If this did happen in 03, Goldberg, to put him over for a title run.

Who should win? Austin, he was the bigger superstar.