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Maria didn’t like working late. She was grateful that her son was so helpful when she was out, but she didn’t like missing time with him. “WIsh criminals only operated in the daytime.” She joked as she just arrived at the station.

“Yeah maybe the City Council should pass a law about that?” Another officer joked.

Think they’d listen to it?” Maria asked.

“Doubt it”

Then she saw Chief Higgins “How’s your kid doing officer Santos?” The Chief asked. 

“He’s great. He’s a handful sometimes but he’s really good with my dad.”

“You’d think having a cop AND a mom all rolled up into one would keep that knuckle head out of trouble.” He jested.

“You’d think that wouldn’t you.” They both laughed. 

“Yeah, my kid is the same way.” The Chief related. “Alright everyone let’s have quick meeting.

Back at the auto garage money was being passed around. “Hey man you want to make a bet?” asked Morea.

“No I’m good man.” Diego looked around at all the money in the room. He didn’t have a lot, but he didn’t want to lose what he had.

“Come on man, I’ll cut you a break. Since when are you shy?” Morea teased him as he motioned with his hand to pass some cash.

“Gambling’s for suckers man come on.” Diego said, pushing his hand away. 

“Don’t say that too loud or they’ll throw you in there.”

Holding his head up high “Let them try.”

“Alright compadries,” Diego didn’t see too many ladies as Kennedy announced to the crowd. We got to sexy ladies fighting tonight. Diego and everyone else were excited as he saw a blonde muscular woman enter the circle in a green leotard. “Straight outta merry old England, Cammy!” The crowd cheered as Cammy raised her fists in a fighting position.

“And her opponent.” Kennedy continued, “From right here in the city of Angels, Sonya!” Another blonde girl raised her fists as the crowd cheered even louder. “Ladies and gentlemen, let the fists fly!”

The two fighters circled around each other, bobbing and weaving. They both threw a few missed punches while sizing each other up. Cammy then knelt to the ground and threw a spinning kick, attempting to knock Sonya off her feet, but Sonya leapt in the air to dodge it. Coming back to her feet, Sonya immediately leapt back to her feet to attempt a jumping kick. Cammy rolled on the ground doding the midair attack. As Sonya landed Cammy wrapped her arms around Sonya’s waist and suplexed her to the hard ground. 

“Suplex City! Diego taunted as both fighters got back to their feet. Sonya immediately threw missed punches to create some distance between them. In an unorthodoxed moved, Sonya planted her hands on the ground, lifted her legs in the air and wrapped her feet around Cammy’s neck. Thrusting her body back she flipped Cammy over, crashing hard onto the ground. Accustomed to straight brawling and wrestling, the crowd cheered wildly at what they just witnessed.

Cammy was hurt, but she knew she had to get back to her feet. Sonya was some distance from her now, but began to charge. Cammy in turn, again took to her feet. With perfect precision she aimed both feet directly at her opponents head. Sonya was knocked down by the powerful strike, the back of her head hitting the ground hard. It was over. 

“Winner! “ Kennedy declaired to the croar of the crowd. 

“Man that was one of the craziest fights I’ve ever seen!” Morea boasted.

Back at the police station, the Chief finished up his meeting. “For the most part, no news is good news.” He said. “As you know things with the gangs have simmered down a lot since last year. We know Kombat is still around, the Furies too. I can’t believe they’ve managed to keep a truce since last years bloodbath, but no news is good news right.” His officers nodded in agreement. “But there has been some buzzing lately, a little friction is startnig to brew. So keep your eyes and ears open. We don’t want this city lighting up again.”

Later Maria was driving her patrol car when her partner Susan asked “How is your son?”

“He’s good, how is your cousin Mary.” Maria asked.

“Holding up as good as she can. Until the Chief said something I’d forgotten it’s been a year already.”

“I know, to lose a son that young.” Maria knew that fear. It had been a year since a night of widespread gang violence gripped the city. Among the many victims was the son of their mutual friend. “How is her daughter Jennifer doing?” Maria asked.

“She’s ok I think.“

Ahead they could both see the sun going down behind the skyline as Marie asked, “She graduated college just last semester right?”

“Yes she did. She took off the semester once her brother got killed, but she finished up and graduated in December.”

“That’s great, what’s she doing now?”

“She just went off to China.”


“Yeah, she went to teach English.”

Watching the city pass by in their car Marie said “That’s great. She’s seeing the world.”

Susan kidded her partner “Just think your son could be seeing the world pretty soon.”

“We’ll see.” Maria said. “We’ll see.”

Back at the garage, Diego was surprised to see a familiar face. Johnny, the guy he was hassling at the gym, was in the pit with his hands up ready to fight, as Kenney introduced his opponent. “Hailing from South Africa, ladies and gentlemen, Zazie.” This fighter danced around throwing his fists, his long dreadlocks flew through the air as he played to the crowd.

This fight was more what the crowd was used to seeing. Both fighters landed fast and hard punches as the crowd oohd and awwwed. Diego cheered on when his gym mate landed shots as well as received them. Johnny had a laser like focus on his opponent, while the South Africana danced with his feet, it was obvious he enjoyed the audience.

His dancing didn’t last long as Johnny landed a thunderous uppercut sending his opponent the floor. Even then the victor didn’t lose focus. As audience members patted on the back he made a bee line to Diego. “You wanna be cocky now!?!” He said as he got nose to nose with the young kid. Diego didn’t back down, and met his gaze face to face. “Let’s go!” Johnny said with a shove, the crowd cheered again as it seemed they were about to get a fight for free. 

“Hold up hold up!” Kennedy shouted as he separated the two. Flanked by his bouncers he ordered “No kids fighting, I don’t need that shit. You two get out of here!” The bouncers escorted the two out of the building while Kennedy looked at Morea. “You, in my office.”  

Once he got in his car Diego looked at his phone while waiting for Diego. “How was algebra?” Dam, Diego realized as he read the text message he hadn’t done his homework yet. “It was rough” he texted back, “how about you.”

“I think I got it?” The message came back.

“So what are you doing?” his fingers typed out.

“About to go to bed. You?”

“Alright let’s go!” Morea said as he hopped in the car. “Come on man let’s get out of here!” He said as he anxiously closed the door. Diego tucked his phone away and pulled out of the parking lot.

Once they got out on the freeway Morea pulled out a big wad of cash. “Pay DAAAY!” he boasted holding his prize. 

Diego looked in shock. “How did you get all that!” 

“Eyes on the road holmes.” Putting the money away Morea said “Besides, you saw me hustling in there. People don’t like to just watch the fights you know.”

“Gambling huh?” Diego said.

“You comprendo! Haha” Morea slapped him on the shoulder laughing.  Hey I know a place we can get some beer. You in?”

Looking at the road Diego said “Ah man, I better not when I’m driving.”

“No worries man, way to be responsible.” Morea noticed the phone sticking out of his friends pocket. “So how many girls you texting these days?”

“Oh I don’t know man.”

“Don’t hold out on me man I saw you working your phone game.”

Diego couldn’t hide his blush as he answered. “I was just talking to Mia.”

“Oooh,” Morea said with a big smile. “Chinese, eh? She’s pretty cute.”

“Yeah she is.” Diego said with a big smile. “She is.”

“Si senor, my amigos in enamoroda!” Morea cracked up laughing. 

“Enamora-DO fool!” Diego couldn’t help but laugh himself.

“So you gonna ask her out or what?”

“Oh I don’t know man.”

Oh come on.” Morea never knew his friend not to have bravado. “Valentine’s dance coming up soon. Don’t want to be staggin it right?”

“Yeah I know man, I-”

Diego was cut off mid-sentence by a popping sound. “Ah shit!” Diego said in disappointment. 

Morea immediately ducked and covered his head “What was that! What was that!”

Diego pulled over to the side of the road. “Relax man it’s just my car.” Morea raised his head to see smoke coming out of the engine. “I’ll call for help.” Diego said as he pulled out his phone.”

Hello again everybody. I hope you all have been keeping safe. The weather is getting nice and warm. About time to have some swimming and barbecues. Although current events have certainly stifled summer plans I hope we can all do out best to enjoy this first summer of the new decade. As always thanks for reading this and be sure to check back next month for the latest issue of the Flying Fox.

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