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Part Four: Hallowed Visions

October 26th, 1990. Hallow-con, New York City

Victoria held Dan’s hand as they walked down the aisle looking at all the vendors. Her black lipstick gilstened as she smiled while spotting a group of guys sitting around a table with hardcover books, sheets of paper, and twenty-sided die. “Should we see if we can join this session?” she asked.

“Sure honey.” Dan answered. “Afterwards, can we look for a poster vendor?” Victoria agreed and they approached the area set up for table-top role-playing. Every player shifted his focus on the approaching couple. One of the guys nodded in approval of Dan’s shirt from the first Halloween movie. The rest of them grinned at the sight of Victoria in her tight leather top. “You guys playing?” she asked.

“You bet.” one of the gamers said as he stroked his little beard. “We’re setting up for a Ravenloft session. Wanna play?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” Victoria said, excited as she and Dan sat down to join them.

A pencil thin guy seated with the group looked sharply at Victoria and asked, “Do you know what Ravenloft is?”

“No, I don’t!” Victoria’s pale face lit up as she asked, “Can you tell me?”

“Well, it’s Dungeons and Dragons with some horror elements.” the man said. His voice deadpan serious as he asked. “Do you know what Dungeons and Dragons is?”

Putting her finger in her mouth like a valley girl from the recently passed decade, Victoria said “Uh, yeah, like I think I heard of it.”

The man then condescendingly raised a sheet of paper in his hand. “Ok, well this is a character sheet that you use to play in the Ravenloft setting.” His eyes locked on her cleavage while he continued to explain, “You have different skills and abilities, and..”

“And you encounter the Dark Lords like Strahd Von Zarovich, ruler of Barovia who wishes to win back is love Tatyana.” The jaws of the nerds dropped, some out of surprise, others out of infatuation while they watched her finish, “Or, Vlad Drakov, whose military ambitions are forever doomed to failure. It’s a pretty dark place, but at least Vecna and Lord Soth managed to escape.” Finally, two of her black nailed fingers pointed back to her face as she knelt toward him and yelled “And by the way, my eyes are up here asshole!” before storming away. 

“Nice job dipshit!” she heard behind her as Dan caught up. 

“You OK.” he asked, squeezing her hand.

“Yeah,” she answered, squeezing his hand back. “Let’s go look for your posters then.”

“Sorry about that,” Dan said. Embarrassment seeped through his voice.

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Victoria assured him. Then, eying the large back blocking the aisle ahead, she said, “That guy’s gonna be sorry if he doesn’t stop blocking the way.”   

As the large man looked around, Dan squeezed Victoria’s hand again. “Oh my god, I think I know that guy.”

Taking a few steps closer, she heard Dan yell out “George! George!” The man turned around and waved as Dan asked, “George it’s really you?”

“Of course, it’s me!” the man answered matter of factly. 

“Long time no see brother! How are you?” Victoria watched Dan excitedly high five the man while other convention goers walked around them.

“I’m good, I’m good.” Dan’s friend said before eying Victoria up.

“This is my fiancé, Victoria.” Dan introduced. “She got to school after you were gone.” Then turning to her, Dan said, “Honey, this is George.”

“Nice to meet you.” Victoria said as she noticed the Murder She Wrote picture George was putting into his black bag. “Oh, you got John York’s autograph!” she said excitedly.

“Yeah,” Victoria was a little confused as George now appeared slightly irritated. She then understood as he explained. “It’s for my sister.”

“That’s so sweet of you to do that.”

George gave her a funny look, as if no one ever called him sweet before. Dan then intervened with, “Last season of Werewolf!”

“I know, that totally blows.” Geroge instantly reacted. “I was talking to ‘Eric’ though, and he told me they’re wrapping the story line up. So at least there’s that. I hate when things end on a cliffhanger!”

“Awesome man!” Dan said.” Well, we’re gonna check out some posters at this venue here.” Dan pointed to a booth down the aisle.

“Cool, I want to get the new Friday the 13th poster.” Victoria now realized George would be joining them.

Making their way through the swarm of people, the trio came to a booth that had bins of posters, some on displays facing out towards the crowd. As George began searching for what he wanted, Dan said, “I’m looking for the poster for the last Halloween movie, so give me a holler if you see it.”

George gave no response, but Victoria asked him “Are you a Halloween fan?”

“I liked the series,” he answered, “but I’m more of a Friday the 13th fan myself.” Halloween is cool, but I like following a series that tells one continuous story.”

“I liked the series,” he answered, “but I’m more of a Friday the 13th fan myself. I like following a series that tells one continuous story.”

“Yeah, I hear you.” Dan said. “I was always a fan of Carpenter’s vision though. I got all the posters except the last one. Hoping to score that one here.”

“It’s in here somewhere.” The vendor said while poking his head out from behind the display before finishing a transaction with another customer. “If you dig around here long enough, you’ll find it.”

“Cool,” Victoria said. Looking at all these posters surrounding her, it suddenly occurred to her to try to find one for one herself. Turning back at him she asked, “Do you have the poster for Night Skies?”

“It’s in there somewhere hon.” The vendor winked at her as he answered.

While Victoria began her own search, Dan reminisced to George, “Remember when we went to see Halloween Six?”

“I do remember. Plot was a little incoherent; but the creature effects were cool.”

“They were. After you left school, I managed to snag a copy of the producer’s cut.”

“Cool beans.” George replied, still focused on his search for the Friday the 13th poster.

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. They explain more of the lore and stuff, but maybe the coolest part is that there’s an extra scene with Donald Pleasance!”

“He played the priest in that one, right?’ George asked.

“That’s right, Father Samuel.” Dan answered. “There’s a scene where he mentions he has a cousin in..,” Victoria smiled as she knew Dan loved talking about this, “guess where…” George gave no answer, but Dan couldn’t wait to make the revelation. “Haddonfield!”

“What!” Now the wheels were turning in George’s head. “Wait, so it’s linked to the first one?”

“Well, who knows,” Dan speculated. “It could be just a gag for the fans, just like how in each entry someone is always watching the previous movie.”

“Right?” George recalled. “In part three a commercial for the first one comes on in a bar, right?”

“Correct” Dan said, “and in part four they go see part three in the theater.”

“I can’t remember what happened in the last two!” George said in frustration.

“Part five they rent part four from the local video store,” Dan said, “and part six they are on the set of part five.”

The discussion of the Halloween anthology came to a halt as they turned to Victoria who squealed in excitement. From the bin she was searching through, she pulled out the poster of Stephen Spielberg’s horror film Night Skies. “This scared the shit out of me as a kid.” she said as she looked over the creepy image of a bright white light coming out of a barn. Victoria’s emotions then shifted from excitement to a sense of longing. Looking at the image of a young girl standing before the barn, Victoria remembered the child actress Heather O’ Rourke, who tragically passed away from illness about a year and a half ago. Victoria’s fingers traced over the words that hung in the starry sky at the top of the poster. These words were spoken by the late actress and went on to become a now famous catch phrase, “They’re here.”

Dan struck gold next. “Here you go George!” George rushed over to Dan who pulled out the last poster in the bin he was searching. It was a poster for last year’s Friday the 13th Part Eight. Dan admired the image of New York City in the background before he handed it off to George who immediately went to pay for it. Dan then walked over to the bin George had just been searching.

While George and Victoria paid for their finds, Dan finally struck paydirt. “Bingo!” His face lit up like a Christmas tree as he stared the image of a ferocious looking werewolf chasing a scantily clad woman through a dark alley. “The night terror takes a new shape.” Dan read from the poster in reverence. Finally, resting there in his hands like a lost treasure, was the poster for Halloween Six, Curse of the Werewolf.

Victoria was happy for Dan. In her mind, she reminisced about watching the director’s cut with Dan when they first knew each other. She remembered how this made werewolves cool for a couple years. Down the aisle, Victoria could see actor John York happily signing autographs, and she mused to herself that perhaps this cycle was about to come to a close.

While having only just met George, Victoria could already tell he wasn’t often quiet. He too was looking at Dan’s latest find, and she assumed he was reminiscing too, but she then realized George fixed his gaze on the woman, the woman and her bare legs, her bare legs and her skinned knee.

George snapped out of his trance at the sound of her asking him, “So, how long have you been a horror fan?”