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Without a doubt the number one fantasy match that never happened in professional wrestling is Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of the many things that fill Youtube is fan made wrestling promos for matches that never happened. There’s a lot of Hogan Austin promos out there, but I think this one takes the cake. There was actually another one from years ago I wanted to give honorable mention to, but I think it’s not online anymore. Anyway, enjoy!


#1 Hogan vs Austin

Tag Line: Who was the Biggest Superstar of all time?


The face of wrestling in the 80s, the face of wrestling in the 90s, the face off in the new century.

Why? Training prayers and vitamins vs Hell Yeah beer swilling and middle fingers. Who was a bigger star, who’s the bigger icon, whose the greater legend? Who was the biggest name wrestling history? Austin/Hogan may be wrestling’s most debated fantasy match.

Could it have happened?

Looking back, Wrestlemania 18 should have been Hogan/Austin, instead of Hogan/Rock. They had that match for the Rock to help his movie career. It helped the Rock get mainstream exposure, but has he had a successful movie career? Of course Hogan wrestled this match in his NWO gimmick. The real fantasy match is the real American, red and yellow Hulkster, against the black and white, foul mouthed Stone Cold Steve Austin. This match at least could have happened at the next Wrestlemania, or Wrestlemania 20 if Hogan stayed with the company till then, which he didn’t. A real shame because, with the WWE promotion machine, this absolutely could have been the biggest match ever.

Could it still happen? Hogan is now in TNA, while Austin makes occasional appearances on WWE TV. Could Austin jump ship to TNA and steal wrestling’s #1 fantasy match from WWE?  Even if he did, Hogan is very limited in what he can do in the ring these days. 10 years ago this still could have went down and been a good match. It’s a shame really.

Who would win? At this point Austin, only because it’d be more believable. Plus Austin is pushing to be a Hollywood action star.

Who should win? Of the whole series, this is the toughest call. I love them both, but I give it to Hogan.

Check this out.

Honorable mentions:

Shawn Michaels vs Sting

Chris Benoit vs the Dynamite Kid

John Cena vs the Ultimate Warrior (Haha)

Eddie Guerrero vs HBK

Dudley Boys vs the Legion of Doom

Kurt Angle vs Ken Patera

and finally, one match we’ll definitely never see,

Cactus Jack vs Mankind in an Ultimate Death Match.

Hope you enjoyed this.