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The Winter Soldier is a short digital comic released on Marvel’s website that takes place between the events of Avengers and the forthcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier film. It’s a quick action story taking place in a skyscraper. Terrorist entered this building and stole something from SHIELD called the Zodiac (which was featured in the Marvel One Shot Peggy Carter on the Iron Man 3 DVD). Captain America, Black Widow, and another Shield Agent arrive to stop it.

I don’t know the proper terminology for this but since it’s a digital comic it lays out with one panel at a time coming on the page/screen. Clicking the mouse or hitting the arrow key brings another panel onto the page or turns the page. This leads to the highlight of the book during an action scene where Cap punches somebody out. You see the windup, then with a click of the mouse you get a full panel of the punch coming right at the screen. You’ll want to go back and forth a few times at this spot to enjoy the near animation effect.

The villains aren’t identified except the leaders name is Baker. I don’t know if that is a character or not. However the aforementioned SHIELD agent gets his name dropped. I looked him up and he is a specific character. Unfortunately knowing this most likely spoiled a plot point for the upcoming film. Speaking of the film, Cap’s seeds of doubt toward SHIELD are planted, as he remarks that previously SHIELD denied having the Zodiac,

Anyway it’s a quick fun read with good action I’d recommend, especially if you’re a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The book can be purchased here.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe extended into television tonight with the debut of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  It opens with a voice over monologue from an unknown female member of the Rising Tide. Apparently they are a group of hackers looking to expose Shield, who have been secret for decades.

Next in L.A. we see someone with super strength save a woman (an incredibly attractive woman of course) from a fire. Cut to Paris where Agent Ward retrieves a Chitarui (alien) neural link from the black market. He then reluctantly joins a team of other Shield agents to investigate the L.A. Hero and the rising tide.

The rest of the episode goes from here. There’s not really references to other Marvel Characters so much as there are to concepts like Project Pegasus, gamma radiation, Dr. Erksine’s (from Captain America) formula, and even Extremis. This makes me wonder where this takes place in regards to Iron Man 3. There is a half reference to the “With Great Power” quote along with the phrase “Journey Into Mystery.”

In fact to my knowledge all the agents and other characters are completely original to this show. I can understand this as the new characters don’t come in with any baggage.

The Elephant in the room is Agent Coulsen. At simple explanation to how he’s still alive comes quick but then we find it’s not quite what is seems. Regarding this there’s a few references to Tahiti and it being a “magical place.”

Overall I can’t say I loved it but it wasn’t bad. The interrogation scene had a cute twist. I’m still curious to how the rest of the series will go. Now that the pilot is out of the way I’d hope future episodes are more Marvel-centric and expands the universe more.