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Inside a floating library a small book was closed and placed on a table. The massive lungs of its reader let out heavy sigh. Below the four frosted globes that lit the room was a puzzled face with a light sweat on its brow.

The door slid open and a man in a turban and blue uniform entered. “Last Man No More” he said. “A rather peculiar choice this evening?”

“It’s… it’s fascinating.” said his companion.

“Indeed it is.” answered Captain Nemo. “You and I are among the few people who’ve ever read it.”

“You knew Mary Shelley?”

“As a young man I was educated in Europe, and had the opportunity to meet her but once. She was very talented writer. This piece is one of the last books I acquired from the world above. It was intended only for the foul members of that blasted Illuminati of which I regrettably was a member.”

The reader asked in a hesitant voice “What do you think of this, this Cumean Sybil?”

“There’s not much to know. The legend is she was an oracle of Apollo, and that she offered to sell nine books of prophecy to a king. The king refused because of the price she asked. In response she burned three of the books then repeated the offer for the same price. The king refused again and three more books were burned. Finally the king gave in, buying the three remaining books for the original price.

“I mean do you think this story is true?”

“It was true for her. Of course there’s no way to verify it. Before I left the surface world, I learned she met a very tragic end.”

“I see. Is it possible this story is just a literary trick on her part?”

“As I said I only met her briefly, but she did not strike me as having a dishonest disposition. I sense this story greatly troubles you. You should not worry about it. It’s been some time since I’ve read those tales. As disturbing as they may be, if I remember correctly they take place long from now. If she was telling the truth, then those horrific events will occur long after both you and I are long from this world.”

“Yes perhaps you are right.” the reader said. His eyes remained locked on the book. His hands barely resisted the urge to open it and pour over its contents again.

“Goodnight my friend.” Captain Nemo exited the library. He received no reply.

Far below the ocean’s surface, inside the steel whale known as the Nautilus, the Frankenstein creature lay restless. A disturbing thought would not flee from his mind. When he read of the amazing creature from Mary Shelley’s tale, could he have been reading about himself?

The End

With acknowledgements to:

Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley, 1818.

The Last Man, by Mary Shelley, 1826

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne 1870

The Crosso-verse of the future will continue in The Last Vampire!