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Reading at Jackson’s Java in Charlotte North Carolina. Charlotte’s longest running poetry event.

Punk Rock Japan Girl

You saw me in Shinjuku just wandering down the street.
Just off the jet to Japan by the grace of God we meet.
Next thing I knew you invited me to the show.
Couldn’t sing along except WHOOOAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Punk Rock Japan Girl invites me to the show.
Raise your fists fly through the air and go GO GO!!!

If we would have met when I was 18
I would have been so smitten with you.
I would have written you poetry and all that kind of stuff.
Maybe we would have met at the open stage
where I’d listen to your songs of hard edge and rage
and you’d hear my poems so soft and full of fluff.
You’d catch my eye in this small white town
and I’d wonder what you’d think.
Would I catch your eye at this party school
where like you I didn’t drink?
Desperately trying to impress you
I’d don whatever black I could find.
Hoping for your approval in pumped up manhood I’d unwind.

Punk Rock Japan Girl you’d have been the love of my life
and in punk rock reality you’d be my punk rock wife!
Across the dirty broken streets in jagged bliss we’d ride!
In one arm a stack of ripped up poems
in the other my punk rock bride!

And nothing would have stirred up more shit
than bringing you home for the holidays.
It would’ve been even better than bringing home a black girl,
because not only would it have been a gook,
it would have been a foreigner!
Not only would it have been a foreigner,
it would have been someone who speaks another language!
A 1000 cracker eyes peering out from behind the curtains
occasionally pulling back like closed eyelids
but still looking, wondering.
WHAT is this THING MURRAY brought home!
And only my mother would have been happy for me.

Punk Rock Japan Girl small mindedness we’d pound!
From the campus to the coal town
we’d spread rock all around!
Punk anthems and spiked romance we’d sing of every day.
Our last target would be those bigots we’d blow em all away!

Then that day would have risen
where you had to head back to Honshu
and I’d shed the Pacific in tears.
In mourning I’d wear black leather for a year
and every time I heard the Ramones I’d cry
because it would make me think of you.

Oh well, it would have been cool anyway.

Punk Rock Japan Girl I met you 10 years too late!
Didn’t know a dam word you sung
but I knew it sounded great!
Never knew I’d see such a sight when I came to Shinjuku!
Whenever I think of Tokyo I’ll always think of you!