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Did I ever tell you about Rez Baseball?

There are so few people out here

that you cannot have two teams,

but the Indians can adapt to anything it seems.


You only have a few people at bat,

the field is where the rest of us are at,

and if a pop fly lands softly in your glove

then you get a swing at the game you love.


If one is tagged out you’ll see field rotation,

players from the field go to the bases,

the catcher goes to the bullpen station

and players recycle through the diamond animation.


Baseball in its purest form brings out the best in us.

Today there was no fighting,

no anger,

and no egos.

Just fun in the warm April sun.


Timeless music filled the air,

speaking of love, life, and things that are fair,

not death, killing, anger, and despair.

Cusses their tongues did not speak,

hatred their hearts did not keep.


I got to play Baseball tonight.


I hadn’t played Baseball in so long

that it didn’t matter if it was Rez Baseball,

it was Baseball.




My first time up I hit a single.

The Babe behind me hit a pop fly

and I knew at first I should have stayed

but my anxiousness overcame me

and soon my legs had swayed

swiftly to second,

and soon I was out.



my new position.

Playing in the open sky,

dreaming in the field,

missing the occasional pop fly.


But I got a few out,

and soon was rotated back in.

Two more singles

then batted in, RBI.

Scored twice in a game no one would win

but we all tried.


Before the Easter sun had set

behind the distant trees,

the gloves were handed in,

the players left,

and the game was history.


I know lady luck was on my side

and I knew it then.

So I went home and thanked my God

that I got to play baseball again.


From my collection Almost Normal