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Thor: The Dark World is the sequel to the 2011 Marvel film. Like the first film it opens with narration from Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins. He tells the story of how 5000 years ago the race of Dark Elves led by Malekith attempted to plunge the world into darkness while the nine realms were in alignment. They were stopped by the Asgardians, led by Odin’s father Bor. There’s a nice battle scene here that’s not as generic as the opening battle scene of the first movie. Between the laser blasts and medieval weaponry it’s a nice mix of Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings.

Cut to today, Loki is sentenced to the dungeons after the events of the Avengers. While confronting Odin, Loki remarks that he was only trying to do what Odin does, which is to rule.

Back on Earth Jane Foster is moving on with her life, but in the middle of a date events transpire to bring her and her colleagues to be involved with Asgardians again. After 5000 years the nine world are in realignment again, and the Dark Elves have returned to finish what they started.

This is a pretty epic movie that jumps around various locations in the nine realms. Loki is probably the most intriguing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, whose relationship with Thor, Odin, and Frigga are the highlight of the film. Frigga, Odin’s wife, has more of a role in the film BTW, and actually fights and seemingly beats the main villain. There’s great humor, including a surprise sort of cameo from Captain America the had the audience laughing out loud. The action of course is great, as I said it’s basically superheroes meets Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings with a little Star Trek thrown in for good measure. Not only that, but Thor legitimately can’t stop the villains on his own, and generally needs his Earthbound allies to help.

There’s also real changes in this movie, as at least one actual character dies. That’s one of the things I didn’t like about Iron Man 3, someone should have died, but this movie has real consequences. I liked that a lot.

One nit-picky thing, it’s mentioned that the Bi-frost/rainbow bridge had been destroyed, but in this film it’s been rebuilt. It doesn’t mention how it was restored. I guess we’re just to presume they rebuilt it. I happen to have read the Thor: Dark World comic prequel where it’s mentioned that the Bi-frost was restored using the power of the Tesseract.

Also wanted to mention, Heimdall says he can see 10 trillion people. That’s a lot.

The mid-credits scene is different, a new character is introduced to the MCU and we get some revelations about the Infinity Gems. We also get a post credit scene which relates to Thor and Jane Foster that’s pretty good.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t care for Iron Man 3, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to go strong with this entry. That’s the thing about this franchise, as I’ve said before, it’s not linear as other film franchises are. It’s like a tree with many branches, and more on the way. That’s why MCU has the potential for much longevity and success.