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The Hobbit novel takes place before the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and this film is apparently the first of 3 movies to adapt that specific novel. Here we actually see Bilbo Baggins decide to write the story of the adventure of his youth for the benefit of his nephew Frodo, the hero of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I presume that he is writing this after the events of the trilogy have taken place, and I enjoyed seeing him decide to record this narrative.

60 years prior the Wizard Gandalf recruited a reluctant Bilbo to accompany a group of dwarfs on a quest to regain their lost home from a dragon. The most interesting parts of the narrative involve Bilbo’s reluctance to join the quest, and his eventual reasoning to want to help, along with the dwarfs reluctance to accept Bilbo.

Naturally the imagery looks great and actually makes decent use of 3D effects, unlike almost all other 3D films I saw. The character interactions were more interesting. One character seeks revenge for something, but fails to get his revenge. I thought that was really different and appreciated that.

It does have that trope in the third act of a small group of people fighting this huge army without taking a single casualty and no one (save one character) even gets hurt. During that sequence there was a lot of jumping from platform to platform and lots of spots with ladders and such, and while it was entertaining to watch it almost came off as kind of goofy. It looked like Lord of the Rings meets Looney Tunes. While entertaining it killed the suspense.

I cannot comment on how faithful this movie was to the books. I read the Hobbit once when I was a kid. I will say that, as far as just this one movie goes, there’s one specific character I really think should have died.  

Either way I actually found this film to be more entertaining and in some ways more interesting than the other three. I’ll probably want to check out the next one next year.