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Part Four: Hallowed Visions

October 26th, 1990. Hallow-con, New York City

Victoria held Dan’s hand as they walked down the aisle looking at all the vendors. She spotted a group of guys sitting around a table with a few hardcover books, sheets of paper, and twenty sided die, “Oh look?” her black lipstick shined as she smiled. “Should we see if we can join this session?” 

“Sure, let’s check it out.” Dan said as they approached the area set up for a table-top role playing game. Every guy at the table shifted his focus as the couple approached. One of the guys nodded in approval of Dan’s shirt from the first Halloween movie. The rest of them grinned at the sight of Victoria in her tight leather top. “You guys playing?” she asked.

“You bet.” one of the gamers said as he stroked his massive beard. “We’re setting up for a Ravenloft session, wanna play?”

“Yeah that would be great.” Victoria said, excited as she and Dan sat at the table.

A pencil thin guy seated with the group looked sharply at Victoria and asked. “Do you know what Ravenloft is?”

Victoria’s pale face lit up as she said “No I don’t, can you tell me!?!”

“Well it’s like Dungeons and Dragons with some horror elements in it.” the man said. His voice was deadpan serious as he asked. “Do you know what Dungeons and Dragons is?”

Putting her finger in her mouth like a valley girl from the recently passed decade, Victoria said “Uh, yeah, like I think I heard of it.”

The man then condescendingly raised a sheet of paper in his hand to explain “Ok, well this is a character sheet that you use to play in the Ravenloft setting.”  While his eyes locked on her cleavage he continued to explain, “You have different skills and abilities, and..”

“And you encounter the Dark Lords like Strahd Von Zarovich, ruler of Barovia who wishes to win back is love Tatyana,”  the jaws of the nerds dropped, some out of surprise, some out of infatuation while she finished “or Vlad Drakov who’s military ambitions ar forever doomed to failure. It’s a pretty dark place, but at least Vecna and Lord Soth managed to escape.” Finally, two of her black nailed fingers pointed back to her face as she knelt toward him and yelled “And by the way, my eyes are up here asshole!” before storming away. 

“Nice job dipshit!” She heard behind her as Dan caught up. 

“Sorry about that,” Dan sounded so embarrassed. “You ok?”

“Nothing to be sorry about.” Victoria then looked at the large back blocking the aisle ahead and said “That guy’s gonna be sorry if he doesn’t stop blocking the way.”   

As the large man looked around, Dan squeezed Victoria’s hand and said “Hey I know that guy.”

Taking a few steps closer she heard him yell out “George! George!” The man turned around and waved as Dan asked, “George it’s really you?”

“Yeah it’s me.” the man answered. 

“Long time no see brother how are you?” Victoria watched Dan excitedly hug the man while other convention goers walked around them..

“I’m good, I’m good.” Dan’s friend said before eying Victoria up.

“This is my fiance Victoria.” Dan introduced. “She got to school after you were gone. She’ll be finishing up next year actually.”

“Nice to meet you.” he said smiling. Victoria then noticed the General Hospital picture he was putting into his black bag. “Oh, you got John York’s autograph!” she said excitedly.

“Yeah,” Victoria was a little confused as he now looked like he could barely hide his irritation. She then understood as he explained. “It’s for my sister.”

“That’s so sweet of you to do that. I’m sure you’re a fan of General Hospital too right?”

She realized by his facial expression he had no idea she was kidding. Thankfully Dan intervened with, “Last season of Werewolf!”

“I know, that totally blows.” Geroge instantly reacted. “I was talking to ‘Eric’ though, and he told me they’re wrapping the story line up. So at least there’s that. I hate when things end on a cliffhanger!”

“Awesome man!” Dan said. ” Well we’re gonna check out some posters at this venue here.”Dan pointed to a booth down the aisle.

“Cool, I want to get the new Friday the 13th poster.” Victoria now realized George would be joining them.

Making their way through the swarm of people, the trio came to a booth that had bins of posters, including several large posters on displays facing out towards the crowd. One of the posters facing out featured a ferocious looking werewolf chasing a young girl through a back alley. 

“Remember when we saw that back in school?” Dan remeniced.

“I do remember that.”  George answered.

Dan pumped his fist remembering. “Man, I was so excited that they finally put a Halloween movie back in the theaters.” 

“Are you a Halloween fan?” Victoria asked George.

“I liked the series,” he said, “but I’m more of a Friday the 13th fan myself. Halloween is cool, but you know, after the second one each entry was its own story.” 

“That was Carpenter’s vision man,” Dan chimed in. “Make it an anthology!” 

“I think that’s a cool idea.” George explained. “I mean, I thought they were good movies. Like that one up there,” George pointed to the ghostly image on the poster for Halloween Four. “That was scary, but I like following a series like Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street that tells one continous story.”

Victoria pointed up at the display to the poster for Halloween Five, on which a quartet of red robed figures hold sacrificial knives over the near naked body of a voluptuous young woman. “Do you have that one hon?” 

“Yeah I got that one back at my mom’s place.” Dan said. “The only one I never got was number three.”

“I never saw that one anywhere.” George said. 

“That’s the first one they released direct to video,” Dan relayed to George, “and they didn’t make a lot of promotional material for it. Really sucks.”

“It’s in here somewhere.” The vendor poked his head out from behind the display while finishing a transaction with another customer. “If you dig around here long enough you’ll find it.”

“Cool,” Victoria looked back at him and asked “Do you have the poster for Night Skies?”

“It’s in there somewhere hon.” The vendor winked at her as he answered.

While Victoria started digging through the bins George pointed back to the poster for Halloween Six: Curse of the Werewolf, to say, “I heard there’s a producer’s cut of that movie.”

“There is,” Dan said with a devilish smile on his face before revealing “I saw it.”

“That’s so cool!” George said as he began looking through posters himself. “I wouldn’t mind seeing it.”

“Yeah it’s pretty awesome.” Dan recalled, himself now looking through a bin of posters. “Somebody on campus got a hold of it last year. They explain more of the lore and stuff, but maybe the coolest part is that there’s an extra scene with Donald Pleasance!”

“He played the priest in that one right?’ George asked.

“That’s right, Father John.” Dan answered. “There’s a scene where he mentions he has a cousin in..,” Victoria smiled as she knew Dan loved talking about this, “guess where…” George shrugged his shoulders. “Haddonfield!”

“What!” The wheels were turning in George’s head. “Wait, so it’s linked to the first one?”

“Well who knows,” Victoria looked up at them as she speculated. “It could be just a gag for the fans, just like how in each entry someone is always watching the previous movie.”

“Right?” George recalled. “In part three a commercial for the first one comes on in a bar, right?”

“Correct” Dan said, “and in part four they go see part three in the theater.”

“I can’t remember what happened in the last two!” George said in frustration.

“Part five they rent part four from the local video store,” Dan said, “and part six they are on the set of part five.”

Both Dan and George turned to Victoria as she squealed in excitement. At long last she’d found the poster for the Stephen Spielberg horror film Night Skies. It featured a creepy image of Extra Terrestrial aliens terrorizing a family on their farm, above the image of a little girl read the words “They’re here.” the move’s famous catch phrase. “This scared the shit out of me when I was a kid!” she recalled, as she pulled the poster out of the bin and went to pay for it.

Dan struck gold next. “Here you go George!” George rushed over to Dan who pulled out the last poster in the bin he was searching. It was a poster for last year’s Friday the 13th Part Eight. Dan admired the image of New York City in the background before he handed it off to George. Dan then walked over to the bin George had just been searching.

While George and Victoria paid for their finds, Dan finally struck paydirt. “Bingo!” His face lit up like a Christmas tree as he saw the silver letters that spelled out Halloween III at the top of the poster, on which red skies hung below a silhouette of a trio of trick or treating children. 

“Oh shit!” George excitedly quoted from the film’s poster. “The night no one comes home!” The trio high fived each other as Dan purchased the poster for Halloween Three: Season of the Witch. Victoria looked up at the displays of the other Halloween posters her fiance already owned. There was Halloween Four: Return of the Wraith, next to that was Halloween Five, Revenge of Samhain, then Halloween Six: Curse of the Werewolf. Victoria remembered how that was the first Halloween since number two to be put back in the theaters. It was a great movie, and it made werewolves cool for a couple years. She could see down the aisle where John Yolk was happily signing autographs, and mused that perhaps that cycle has come to a close. 

Victoria had only just met George, but she could tell already he wasn’t often quiet. He too was looking at the Halloween Six poster, and she assumed he must be reminiscing too, but she then realized George fixed his gaze on the woman, the woman and her bare legs, her bare legs and her skinned knee.

George finally stopped zoning when she asked him, “So how long have you been a horror fan?”

 Part Three: Expendable Youth

October 26th, 1990. New Jersey

Cruising down I-78 in his gargantuan Chevy Impala, George was like the captain of a boat cruising through the garden state, while the automobile’s cassette player blasted Slayer’s new album, Seasons of the Abyss. George slowly rocked his head back and forth as he screamed words to Expendable Youth.

‘injured soul lies on the ground

head blown off face down

lying in a pool of blood

an accidental death homicide 

expendable youth

fighting for possession

having control a principal obsession

rivalry and retribution

death the only solution’

As he pulled off the Interstate, he thought about what all he might buy today. He had a lot of his favorite movies on VHS already, and owned a lot of posters and other merchandise. That actor his sister liked never did one of these shows before, so it would be cool to get him. He also didn’t yet have the poster for last year’s Friday the 13th movie, so he would keep an eye out for that. 

Expendable Youth came to an end. The next song on the cassette was Hallowed Point. This was a much faster paced song with the usual intense lyrics.

‘instinctive regression

with intent to kill

no regard of human life

or the blood spilled’

George could care less that any drivers who passed him saw his long mop of hair flopping about the car while he furiously headbanged to the rapid drumbeat and the piercing electric guitars. However, his head suddenly stopped and he quickly turned the dial down as a cop began to tail him. Now he carefully eyed his speedometer as he didn’t need another ticket, and he knew that cops targeted out of state plates. The dead skin on his knuckles cracked as he gripped the wheel. His face shifted from that of a serious metalhead to a still mask of stoicness. 

“Fuck!” he then yelled as Hallowed Point finished, bringing the cassette to the end of side A. He just realized his Zodiac killer mask was still at his apartment.

At least he managed to get his car in one of Hoboken’s parking garages without incident. Soon he took the train across the river into New York City. Once he got to the convention venue, he saw people dressed up as characters from all the classic horror movies; Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and his favorite, Friday the 13th. All the psycho’s were out, there were even some old school Frankensteins and Draculas. It totally sucked that he forgot his mask. His Zodiac killer T-shirt would have to do. 

Naturally, George was a seasoned veteran of the convention scene, already having many autographs of the greats that all the noobs now gathered in long lines for. Looking around at the sea of vendors on the convention floor, he calculated his options. Nearby, he saw someone at a table who had a few girls talking to him. Seeing his handsome features George understood why. He wished girls would talk to him like that. He hovered close while he watched the girls woo over the celebrity. After the wenches walked away he went over and introduced himself. 

“Holy shit it’s Eric Cord!” George said excitedly. 

“Pleasure to meet you.” the actor answered politely, not seeming to mind the fan calling him by his character name.

“Man that sucks that Werewolf won’t be back next year.” George complained. “Such a good show, the creature effects were wicked!” 

“Thank you, I appreciate it,” the actor said graciously. “We had a good run though. Anytime you make a TV show, you never know if it’s gonna get past the first season. We were lucky we got as far as we did.”

Reaching his hands out like a beast George said “Well it’s been four seasons of savagery and I loved it! It blows hard that it will be gone next year. Is there anything you can tell me about the rest of the last episodes?” George was anxious to hear his answer, as the third and final season was now airing on the Fox network, and would wrap up this spring. 

“Well if I told you too much you wouldn’t watch it right?” The actor laughed. “I can tell you this though, the story will have a definitive ending.”

George about jumped out his skin and asked “You mean Eric is going to finally kill Nicholas Remy and break the curse?” 

“Now I didn’t say that.” The actor cautioned. “I’m just saying all the loose ends will be tied up. We won’t be ending on a cliffhanger or anything like that.”

“That’s such a rarity in this business man.” George said, talking as if he were a Hollywood insider. 

“It sure is.” Gesturing to several photos at his table, the actor asked “So, would you like an autograph?” 

“Definitely, let me see what you got here.” Looking down, he saw several pictures of the actor that were from the show Werewolf, as well as a few from Night of the Creeps, an obscure horror comedy, and a few one off appearances in various TV shows like Murder She Wrote, Family Ties, Hunter, and Dynasty. Another one caught his eye, one of the actor in a white coat. “Oh that’s General Hospital.”George said.

“Yeah that’s right!” The actor sounded surprised. “Do you watch the show?”

George was revolted that anyone would even think to ask him if he watched something as stupid as a daytime soap opera, but he managed to keep his answer to a minimum. “No my sister does.”

“That’s cool. Well I’d be happy to sign a pic for her.” he said as he picked up his sharpie.

George naturally wanted a Werewolf photo, but he didn’t want to seem like a dick in front of the actor, so he reluctantly selected a General Hospital photo and handed over his cash.

“Thanks man, appreciate it.” The actor signed the picture and asked. “What’s your sister’s name?” 

“My sister’s name is Helen.” George said, looking longingly at one of the Werewolf photos. He may have been a horror nerd, but he knew enough not to blow all of his money in one spot.

“Ok, ‘To Helen,” the actor wrote out a brief message for his fan who he didn’t know, and handed the picture to George. “Thank you very much buddy.”

“Thanks man,” George took the photograph and stepped away from the booth. Before putting it in the small blag bag he carried with him, he stopped in the aisle to take a look. People walked around his massive frame while he read the inscription. “To Helen, thanks for watching. Yours truly, Malcolm ‘Mac’ Scorpio, a.k.a. John J. York.”

October 26th, 1957, Plainfield Wisconsin

In the woodshed Sally felt something brush against her shoulder. She covered her mouth as she gasped. There was no sound, save the awful squealing outside. Nothing but blackness was visible behind her. She wouldn’t dare turn on a flashlight had she possessed one, but she did have a lighter. The small flame lit up the enclosed space, and the first thing Sally noticed were a pair of human feet. They were spread apart, bound to an overhead beam. There before Sally, a female corpse hung upside down, her torso split open, gutted like a deer.

The flame extinguished as she dropped the lighter to the ground. The door made a loud banging sound as it flung open and her own shrieking scream accompanied the howling of the ghoul. Sally ran as hard as she could toward the road, not even trying to see where the fiend was. She could hear it though, crying out somewhere behind her, and she heard its footsteps too.

Now a third sound cracked the empty night air, Sally winced as she heard the shot of the rifle. She thought if she could just get to the tree line she may have a chance. Mercifully, a pair of lights emerged ahead of her. Her legs desperately ran toward them as she put some distance between herself and the fiend. Another gunshot flashed as the pickup truck slowed down. She ran directly toward the front of the vehicle, frantically waving her arms. The truck swerved to her left, nearly knocking her over, it’s tires skidded in the grass as the truck almost flew into the trees. Circling back around, Sally planted her left foot on the rear tire and pushed herself up into the truck’s cab. Slamming her hand into the back window Sally screamed “Go Go!”  She could see the man driving through the back window, he immediately sped away. As she looked back to her left, the road behind her disappeared in the darkness. Sally shed tears of relief, and, she had no thought to what made her do this, but looking back as the shape of the terrible dark house vanished from her sight, she cackled hysterically. 

Whatever that thing was that chased her, she no longer saw it. She didn’t see it frantically throwing itself around the road, it’s rough skinned hands still gripping the rifle as its arms flayed and its body spun around aimlessly in a dance of madness and violence.