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Legion of Doom vs The Road Warriors

Papa Shango vs The Godfather

Kane vs Issac Yankem

John Cena vs The Prototype

Steve Austin vs The Ringmaster

X-Pac vs The 1-2-3 kid

Papa Shango vs the Godfather

Hulk Hogan vs Mr America.

Brutus the Barber Beefcake vs Zodiac

Mr. Kennedy vs Mr. Anderson

 Big Bubbah Rogers vs Big Bossman

One Man Gang vs Akheem

These matches would be Natural Disasters

Earthquake vs Shark

Tugboat vs Typhoon, with special guest referee the Shockmaster.

The number one match that absolutely positively could never happen.

 Mick Foely vs Cactus Jack vs Dude Love vs Mankind in a Fatal Four Way Barbed Wire Hell in a Cell Japanese Death Match.

These matches could never happen, but one match that could happen is

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash vs Diesel and Razor Ramon