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The Wolverine is a direct sequel to X-men 3, and ignores the previous Wolverine movie that focused on his origins and was not as critically received.

The Wolverine focuses on the emotional fallout of the events of X-men 3 without completely relying on the knowledge of that film. Logan is in self imposed exile in Canada, wishes to no longer kill, and is haunted by dreams of the now dead Jean Grey.

He is then taken to Japan where he meets someone from his past, and is offered a chance to lose his immortality. A series of events unfolds where he comes in conflict with the Japanese underworld, another mutant, and a giant adamantium samauri. For a while I was wondering what the giant robot was doing here, but involves a twist so obvious that you miss it.

Fox Studios took a lot of heat for X-men 3 and Wolverine Origins. However it has bounced back very strong with X-men First Class and The Wolverine. When First Class came out I said it was the best X-men movie, but Wolverine is even better. The Wolverine is a shining example that a franchise movie can also be a strong character piece.

There is a mid credit scene which presumable leads to events of next years Days of Future Past film.

Also one thing I never liked about the first 3 X-men movies is it’s future setting. I didn’t see why it had to be set in the future. The Wolverine makes no mention of this. For all we know it is set in present day, but definitely after the first three films. Hopefully this future angle is ignored in future films.