Hard Coal Studios

This page is links to all my writing projects. I’ve written comic books, webcomics, prose, and poetry.  I also have a youtube channel where I did some videos. Links to purchase my books are below.

Classic Horror Comics

Classic Horror Comics: Curse of the Mummy’s Stone

Relive the Golden Age of Monster Movies in Classic Horror Comics: Curse of the Mummy’s Stone. Famed American adventurer Howard Rider uncovers an ancient mummy’s tomb. While it may seem like just another day of adventure, what is he really looking for, and what deadly forces lurk behind his find? Classic Horror Comics simulates seeing a monster movie during Hollywood’s Golden Age, complete with pre-show news footage before the black and white feature presentation of terror!

Digital Copy

Print Copy

Classic Horror Comics: Bride of Prometheon

While America lies in the depths of the Great Depression, siblings Mary and Brad struggle to survive in a shanty town surrounded by starving children. Will Chrysalis labratories provide salvation, or does an even greater horror await? Thrill to the Frankenstein like tale set in Great Depression America, Bride of Prometheon!

Classic Horror Comics mimics seeing a monster movie during the Golden Age of Cinema. See previews and news of mysterious events in the city, then, if you dare, see the feature presentation that is Bride of Prometheon!

Digital Copy.

Print Copy

The Gathering: True Ghost Stories.

A comic book anthology including a four page story called Hands written by me.

It can be purchased here. 

The Crosso-verse.

The Crosso-verse is my collection of tales featuring various characters from classic literature.

Frankenstein: The Illuminatus Complex

Discover the Secret of Frankenstein, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea! What is the secret history of the Frankenstein experiment, and will the world survive its revelation? Thrill to the opening saga of the Crosso-verse, where worlds of fiction collide!

Read the opening saga of the Crosso-verse here.

Nemo: The Power of the Coming Race

The second chapter of the Crosso-verse begins here.

Frankenstein: The Last Man

A tale of the future of Crosso-verse’s Apocalyptic future begins here on this blog.


I have two finite webcomics.

Shock Value

In an effort to stay relevant, the classic monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, and the Mummy attempt to make a found footage film, with horrifically hilarious results.

The Phantom Flyer

During World War One a pilot encounters the rumored savior of the air. Who is the Phantom Flyer, and can he stop the even stranger phenomenon happening over the skies of Europe!


Almost Normal

My first full collection of poetry, featuring poetic tales of coal towns, reservations, and lands across Asia.

Buy it here.


Below is my short film The Door which is linked to my Youtube Channel.

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