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Diego wondered how Morea was doing. He usually got some text hassling him about something or other first thing in the morning. He didn’t see him at his locker when he arrived at school this morning either. Seemed like a typical day otherwise. Walking down the hallway he saw the same two boys pushing the same small kid. Spotting Mia out of the corner of his eye, Diego decided to step up.

“Yeah you’re really tough together huh?” Diego taunted. He was taller than both the bullies, and he got in one of their faces and said “Why don’t you try to do that to me?” The boy stared him down, but his friend pulled at his arm saying “Come on let’s go man, teacher’s watching.” Diego laughed, knowing an excuse when he saw one. The two boys walked away.

Diego helped the smaller boy up when he heard “Wow what are you trying to be, the Flying Fox?” He felt a lump in his throat when he heard the name “Flying Fox.” He turned around to see Mia smiling at him. 

“What are you talking about?” In a rare moment Diego appeared to lose his cool.

“Didn’t you hear, it’s all over social media.” Mia showed him her Instagram page where pictures from a local newstation showed a new vigilante, the Flying Fox, saving a store from robbers. 

“Uh, I must have had my phone off.” He nervously said as they walked to class. Passing people through the hallway, Diego could see other people watching clips of the Flying Fox, both at the store, and in the underground fighting circuit.

“You’re a big hit homes!” Morea said as he ate his taco at the cafeteria. 

“Thanks man.” Diego said. “Was worried about you, didn’t hear from you this morning.”

“Came in late homes.” Morea took a drink of milk before saying. “Listen, I got you another fight.”


“You’re a hit homes. The public wants to see, you know…”

Diego stopped him before he could say that name “Hold on man, I’m done with that stuff.”

“I’m countin on you man come on!”

“You ok, you’ve been acting awful nervous lately.”

“All right I’ll level with you. You know this thing was started to settle disputes right? Well, there’s been a little dispute, and..”

“And you need me to bail you out of trouble again.”

Officer Santos waited in the conference room while  Chief Higgins began his briefing. As everyone knew, about a year ago there was a wave of shootings and violence across three days in Los Angeles. Ever since then, thankfully, gang activity had been pretty quiet. Now the department knew why. Higgins showed a clip of two people fighting in an empty swimming pool with a crowd of people around. Apparently, soon after that wave of violence, an underground fighting network was set up. The gangs agreed to settle their disputes through underground fights, and amazingly it worked. It developed from there into people fighting for money, then naturally gambling grew out of it, and it’s operation even expanded internationally. 

Officer Santos felt a lump in her throat when she saw the next clip. It was a fighter in, what to her was a familiar looking Lucha Mask fighting on a rooftop. “In other news,” Chief Higgins said, “looks like we have a  vigilante in our midst. This cat right here calls himself the Flying Fox.” A different clip then came up on the screen. “Here he is again stopping robbers at a convenience store. He’s lucky he didn’t get himself killed.” Officer Santos almost got sick while the other officers laughed around her. “So keep an eye out for this too. We got word on where we think the next fight will be, so keep your ears peeled for instructions later.”

That night Diego found himself in a warehouse surrounded by a pretty substantial crowd. Through the eyeholes of his lucha mask he could see the crowd cheering him on as they chanted “Flying Fox, Flying Fox.” He posed to the crowd, but then felt nervous as Kennedy introduced the next fighter. “And his opponent!” Alexander, said to the crowd, “From the land of the rising sun, Yoshimitsu!” The crowd cheered as the muscular Japanese fighter did a spin kick for the crowd. Kennedy said two more words, “Let’s fight!”

The two fighters nodded to each other as the crowd erupted. They paced around for a moment, both with their hands up. Both fighters felt the desire to entertain and both began a series of ariel maneuvers, none of which landed a significant blow to the other. They paced around again as the cheering continued. 

Diego leapt back up and landed a spinning kick to his opponent, knocking him to one knee. Diego instinctively knew he should take the fight to the ground and start punching, if he was lucky he could land a submission hold. His show off side got the better of him and he leapt back into the air in an attempt to make a Superman punch. 

Yoshimitsu easily caught him with a simple punch to the stomach. Diego hit his head while landed on the hardwood floor while clutching his stomach. Yoshimitsu wasted no time getting on top of his opponent, landing a series of hard blows to the head.

Diego was getting hit hard. He could hear the audience cheering for blood. He desperately  raised his arms trying to block the still landing blows. He feared passing out, his ears were ringing as he looked up to see his opponent pause. The ringing in Diego’s ears was now replaced by something else, the sound of sirens.

“Cops! Everybody out of here.” Kennedy yelled as the crowd dispersed. Red and blue lights flashed in the distance but were fast approaching. 

“I hope this settles Morea’s mess!” Diego thought to himself as he ran out the back. He didn’t see his friend, but was only concentrating on getting out of there. Morea always found a way to weasle out of trouble, and now he had to focus on himself. While running he put his hands up to his mask, he was unsure of whether or not he should leave his mask on. 

Getting some distance from the Warehouse, he saw several cop cars pull up to the building. His legs kept moving a pair of headlights shown on him. He bolted again as another car followed behind him. There were no flashing lights on the car, shit he was really in trouble now. The car didn’t pursue him for long as he heard “Diego!” over the megapone. “Diego, get in here now!” Dam, now he was in some real deep shit. He almost wished it was some gang member about to whack him.

Officer Santos pulled up beside him and pushed the passenger door open on her patrol car. As soon as Diego got in his mother slapped him silly. “You stupid asshole you could have gotten killed!” She ripped the mask off him and looked at it. “You got blood on your grandfather’s mask!”

“I’m sorry mom.” Diego said. “I was just doing it to get some money for us.” Diego wasn’t a weasel like his friend. His stomach was in knots now that he saw how upset his mother was, and he knew his Grandfather was disapointed.

“When we get home your grandfather is going to give you the stretching of a lifetime.” Diego’s mom calmly said as they drove away from the crime scene.

This has been a fun experiment these last couple months, but I am going to end it here. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read these stories. If you liked these, I am working on a horror story that I will begin posting in October. In the meantime take care of yourselves.



Diego felt like a million bucks walking into school. He high fived his friends as he walked past the big sign for the Valentines dance. Then he saw her, there at her locker getting her books. Mia always looked good, but in his eyes she was extra radiant today, especially when she smiled at him.

“Bad news Diego.” Mia was not smiling now.

“What I’m too handsome?”

“You wish!” She playfully pushed him. “ I’m sorry my family is insisting I stay across town this weekend.”

“Why what’s up?”

“My Uncle’s store got trashed last night. Gangs acting up again.”


“Yeah my parents are really freaking out. They’re worried being targeted. I’m sorry.”

Diego put on his bravado as he said “No don’t worry about it.” As long as you are safe?”

“Ok, thanks for understanding.” She then gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Gotta get to class.”

After school that day Diego ate with his mom and Grandpa. His mom had to eat in a hurry as she had to go into work. She kissed her son on the cheek before she left. Diego then helped his grandpa get into bed. He often took a short nap after dinner, Once he fell asleep, he stood watch over him. He wondered about all the adventures his grandfather must have had, what stories there were that he would never hear. He quietly slid his dresser drawer open. There, just where he left it after last time, was the Flying Fox lucha mask. As Diego walked out of the room, he heard his grandfather’s voice speaking in Spanish. He figured he was talking in his sleep again, until he heard what he said. 

“Don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Diego felt like Batman looking out over the rooftops of Chinatown. Down the street was the shop that Mia’s family owned. He was sure at school everyone was wondering why he wasn’t at the dance, but someone was messing with his Mia, or at least with her family, and he couldn’t have that.

He put an app on his phone that picked up police signals. Was unusually quiet tonight, but soon enough, he saw it. Two guys running out of the store with masks over their heads. He could tell they were amateur punks as they were laughing and hollering as the ran down the street. Luckily they were running right toward them. He thought later he wished he’d had a camera on him as he did an acrobatic leap off a nearby store and landed on one of the hoodlums. The criminal accomplise froze as the Flying Fox rebounded off the ground, and with a minauture wooden bat he carried, struck the other criminal in the head. A few people across the street laughed and cheered while they got their phones out. Diego pulled out a few zip ties and tied the crooks to a nearby street sign, then took the stolen bag of money and gave it back to the store. “Courtesy of your amigo, the Flying Fox!’ He told the cashier with a wink before running off into the night.

Kennedy hugged his cousin Morea as they met at their favorite Indian restaurant. They made small talk over curry before Kennedy got to the point. “You know your my family right?”

“Yeah man.”

“But you’re not my only family. I got a big family, all over this city, and I gotta watch out for all of them.”

“Yeah I know man.” Morea nervously answered. 

“Loyalty!” Kennedy pointed his finger, “that’s what’s important.”

Morea nodded.

“You’ve been dealing outside the system.”

“Oh come on man.”

“Are you really gonna try to deny it. I could have stopped you right away, but I wanted to see if you’d go through with it.” Now Morea was silent. “I could whack you right here, and I should, but #1, you’re my family, and #2, it was you that came up with the idea to settle the peace between the gangs. This fighting thing that is such a big part of our business now. So we’re gonna put your solution to good use. You are gonna fight, fight for your honor, maybe even your life.”

Hope everyone is doing well. It sure has been hot the last few days. I’ll be taking a break next week, luckily this month has been merciful by having an extra Wednesday haha. Tune in next month for the conclusion of the Flying Fox and other blogverse tales.

Morea panicked as he saw the flashing lights behind him. “Relax” Diego said, as his mom stepped out of patrol car. “You ok honey?” She said.

“Yeah mom, I think the crankshaft is blown again.”

“Ok well I’ll get you two home. A tow truck is on the way.” She said. Morea’s worst nightmare was to be in the back of a squad car, Diego couldn’t help but appreciate the irony.

Maria smiled as she saw Morea’s Mom angrily waiting outside as Morea was dropped off. Maria knew not to trust a lot of what he said, but she also trusted mom to deliver justice. Pulling away she asked her son “I thought you were staying in and wathing Raw with Grandpa tonight?”

“I was, but Morea called and wanted to hang out.”

“So what did you do then?”

“We were just cruising.”

“You just make sure you stay out of trouble ok.”

“Sure mom.” Diego answered. Soon they were back home and called it a night.

Walking down the hall in school the next day, Diego saw a small kid getting pushed against the wall by two bigger kids. “Hey knock it off!” Diego recognized that voice. Mia glared at the two boys through her glasses and said “You two losers aren’t impressing anybody.” She said. The boys just waved her off and went to class.

“You alight?” She asked the smaller boy who nodded and thanked her.

Diego looked at her trying to think of something cool to say. “So… you look.”

“What were you doing?’She slapped him on the chest. “I saw you laughing when they pushed him. That wasn’t cool.”

“Ok sorry.”

“So that algebra was killer huh?” She was refering to last night’s homework.

“Oh shit, I forgot all about that.”

“I thought you said you did it?”

“I did my other homework, but I totally spaced on that.”

“Diego you’re killing me!”

He knew he didn’t have a lot of time left, so he had to just blurt it out. “So Mia, Valentine’s Dance is coming up. You got plans?”

“Uh I dunno, I might have to work at my mom’s store. How about you come over for study tonight and we’ll see.

The bell rang, he thankfully popped the question just in time. “Hmm, I gotta do something after school I’ll text you though.

Immediately after school Diego headed to the gym. With his car out of commission he had to take a bus right after school. Once inside, his demeanour was different than it has usually been. He and Johnny exchanged looks, but nothing was spoken. He pushed hard on his drills, hitting the bag, lifting waits, rolling on the mat doing jujitsu sparring. Everyone, including the trainer Tony, noticed a difference. Before leaving Tony called him into his office.

“So how you been doing?” Tony asked.

“I’m good.”

“You been coming here a lot lately, you doing alright in school?”

“I’m doing ok?” His eyes avoided his trainer as he answered.

“How many girls you hittin up these days?’ Tony said with a smirk.

“Ah just one.” Diego felt more relaxed as he answered. “This really nice girl in my Algebra class. We might be going to the Valentines dance.” Here Diego actually was telling the truth, as she hadn’t really said yes yet.

“Sweet.” Tony nodded. “Listen I gotta talk to you about something. Ever see the movie Fight Club?”

“First rule of Fight Club?” Diego answered, quoting the movie.

“RIght,” Tony smiled. “It was a bit before your time so I didn’t know if you were familiar. Anyway, people watch that and they get the idea to start their own fight club. This shit pops up every few years. Word is there’s a new one in town. I told all my guys, and I’m telling you, especially because your a minor, I don’t want to hear about you getting caught up in that shit alright?”

“Yeah sure.” Diego zeroed in on “I don’t want to hear about…”

“Alright.” Tony said. “Now go on home.”

Tony wouldn’t hear about it, Diego thought to himself a week later as he received the text. Morea hooked him up with Kennedy’s number. The text message just had one thing, an address. Soon Diego found himself in an elevator at an apartment complex. Having the elevator to himself, he put his grandpa’s Lucha mask on. He made sure it fit tight around his head, so it wouldn’t move and obstruct his vision. Minors weren’t allowed to fight, but Diego was big for his age, and he figured with this mask, the crowd would be none the wiser. He was instructed to go to the roof, where a crowd of people were gathered around watching two people fight. “You’re late!” Kennedy, said.

“Traffic was killer, am I still on?”

“Yeah, next.”

Soon enough, as soon as the current fight was over, eyes were on him. “Introducing out newest fighter!” Kennedy boasted to the crowd. “The Flying Fox!” Diego posed as he got in the fighters circle. He didn’t even really hear the next fighter being announced, but his eyes were locked on him. He felt a pit in his stomach, it was Johnny from the gym.

Johnny smirked as he saw his opponents mask, and came out swinging. Diego dodged a few head shots but took a body blow, almost knocking him down. Johnny wasn’t fooled by the mask, and threw his opponent toward the brick wall near the edge of the roof. Diego sprung back to his feat as Johnny cautiously approached. Diego managed to dodge another punch and pull him foreward, precariously near the edge. “Back up guys, away from the edge.” Kennedy ordered. Kennedy looked out to the crowd, and was dissapointed Morea couldn’t make it.

“I got the stuff man.” Morea said, meeting his new clients in a back alley.

“Brave little man.” Vinney said, eying Morea’s open suit case filled with assorted drugs. “Takes a lot of balls dealing on your own outside Kombat.” He then opened his own suitcase filled with cash.

Back on the roof top, Johnny made the mistake of looking out over the edge. He was up so high, the city down below him, that his head began to spin. He looked back and felt disoriented. He tried to lock his eyes on his opponent, but he was met with a few stiff jabs that rocked him even more. He know swung in desperation, but the punch was easily dodged and answered with a kick to the ribs. The crowd cheered as Diego began to play to the audience more. Knowing he had Johnny on the ropes, he landed a few more punches knocking him back into the audience.

A few audience members were sitting, but jumped out of their seats as Johnny’s body came careening toward him. Adding a finishing touch, Diego leapt up on the chair, then sprung off it to deliver a spectacular spinning kick that sent the crowd into a frenzy.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” Kennedy proclaimed, “Winning his first bout ever, The Flying Fox!” Adrenaline rushed through his body as he showboated to the crowd. Later he got an envelope stuffed with money, and he thought to himself that now he could get his car fixed, and he and Mia would go to the dance.

Sirens blared in the back alley as Morea ran off. He managed to escape the cop car, but his ears didn’t escape the sound of that angry voice. “You fucked this up boy, you’re gonna pay for this!” Vinney shouted as he was hauled away. Morea thought he could strike out on his own, but he may have been in over his head now.

Not much to report this week. As always I hope you are safe. We’re already at the end of our third month in this project. Tune in next week for our popular Ghost City, followed by Jaguar, Lights of Mirigan, and the return of Flying Fox.

Maria didn’t like working late. She was grateful that her son was so helpful when she was out, but she didn’t like missing time with him. “WIsh criminals only operated in the daytime.” She joked as she just arrived at the station.

“Yeah maybe the City Council should pass a law about that?” Another officer joked.

Think they’d listen to it?” Maria asked.

“Doubt it”

Then she saw Chief Higgins “How’s your kid doing officer Santos?” The Chief asked. 

“He’s great. He’s a handful sometimes but he’s really good with my dad.”

“You’d think having a cop AND a mom all rolled up into one would keep that knuckle head out of trouble.” He jested.

“You’d think that wouldn’t you.” They both laughed. 

“Yeah, my kid is the same way.” The Chief related. “Alright everyone let’s have quick meeting.

Back at the auto garage money was being passed around. “Hey man you want to make a bet?” asked Morea.

“No I’m good man.” Diego looked around at all the money in the room. He didn’t have a lot, but he didn’t want to lose what he had.

“Come on man, I’ll cut you a break. Since when are you shy?” Morea teased him as he motioned with his hand to pass some cash.

“Gambling’s for suckers man come on.” Diego said, pushing his hand away. 

“Don’t say that too loud or they’ll throw you in there.”

Holding his head up high “Let them try.”

“Alright compadries,” Diego didn’t see too many ladies as Kennedy announced to the crowd. We got to sexy ladies fighting tonight. Diego and everyone else were excited as he saw a blonde muscular woman enter the circle in a green leotard. “Straight outta merry old England, Cammy!” The crowd cheered as Cammy raised her fists in a fighting position.

“And her opponent.” Kennedy continued, “From right here in the city of Angels, Sonya!” Another blonde girl raised her fists as the crowd cheered even louder. “Ladies and gentlemen, let the fists fly!”

The two fighters circled around each other, bobbing and weaving. They both threw a few missed punches while sizing each other up. Cammy then knelt to the ground and threw a spinning kick, attempting to knock Sonya off her feet, but Sonya leapt in the air to dodge it. Coming back to her feet, Sonya immediately leapt back to her feet to attempt a jumping kick. Cammy rolled on the ground doding the midair attack. As Sonya landed Cammy wrapped her arms around Sonya’s waist and suplexed her to the hard ground. 

“Suplex City! Diego taunted as both fighters got back to their feet. Sonya immediately threw missed punches to create some distance between them. In an unorthodoxed moved, Sonya planted her hands on the ground, lifted her legs in the air and wrapped her feet around Cammy’s neck. Thrusting her body back she flipped Cammy over, crashing hard onto the ground. Accustomed to straight brawling and wrestling, the crowd cheered wildly at what they just witnessed.

Cammy was hurt, but she knew she had to get back to her feet. Sonya was some distance from her now, but began to charge. Cammy in turn, again took to her feet. With perfect precision she aimed both feet directly at her opponents head. Sonya was knocked down by the powerful strike, the back of her head hitting the ground hard. It was over. 

“Winner! “ Kennedy declaired to the croar of the crowd. 

“Man that was one of the craziest fights I’ve ever seen!” Morea boasted.

Back at the police station, the Chief finished up his meeting. “For the most part, no news is good news.” He said. “As you know things with the gangs have simmered down a lot since last year. We know Kombat is still around, the Furies too. I can’t believe they’ve managed to keep a truce since last years bloodbath, but no news is good news right.” His officers nodded in agreement. “But there has been some buzzing lately, a little friction is startnig to brew. So keep your eyes and ears open. We don’t want this city lighting up again.”

Later Maria was driving her patrol car when her partner Susan asked “How is your son?”

“He’s good, how is your cousin Mary.” Maria asked.

“Holding up as good as she can. Until the Chief said something I’d forgotten it’s been a year already.”

“I know, to lose a son that young.” Maria knew that fear. It had been a year since a night of widespread gang violence gripped the city. Among the many victims was the son of their mutual friend. “How is her daughter Jennifer doing?” Maria asked.

“She’s ok I think.“

Ahead they could both see the sun going down behind the skyline as Marie asked, “She graduated college just last semester right?”

“Yes she did. She took off the semester once her brother got killed, but she finished up and graduated in December.”

“That’s great, what’s she doing now?”

“She just went off to China.”


“Yeah, she went to teach English.”

Watching the city pass by in their car Marie said “That’s great. She’s seeing the world.”

Susan kidded her partner “Just think your son could be seeing the world pretty soon.”

“We’ll see.” Maria said. “We’ll see.”

Back at the garage, Diego was surprised to see a familiar face. Johnny, the guy he was hassling at the gym, was in the pit with his hands up ready to fight, as Kenney introduced his opponent. “Hailing from South Africa, ladies and gentlemen, Zazie.” This fighter danced around throwing his fists, his long dreadlocks flew through the air as he played to the crowd.

This fight was more what the crowd was used to seeing. Both fighters landed fast and hard punches as the crowd oohd and awwwed. Diego cheered on when his gym mate landed shots as well as received them. Johnny had a laser like focus on his opponent, while the South Africana danced with his feet, it was obvious he enjoyed the audience.

His dancing didn’t last long as Johnny landed a thunderous uppercut sending his opponent the floor. Even then the victor didn’t lose focus. As audience members patted on the back he made a bee line to Diego. “You wanna be cocky now!?!” He said as he got nose to nose with the young kid. Diego didn’t back down, and met his gaze face to face. “Let’s go!” Johnny said with a shove, the crowd cheered again as it seemed they were about to get a fight for free. 

“Hold up hold up!” Kennedy shouted as he separated the two. Flanked by his bouncers he ordered “No kids fighting, I don’t need that shit. You two get out of here!” The bouncers escorted the two out of the building while Kennedy looked at Morea. “You, in my office.”  

Once he got in his car Diego looked at his phone while waiting for Diego. “How was algebra?” Dam, Diego realized as he read the text message he hadn’t done his homework yet. “It was rough” he texted back, “how about you.”

“I think I got it?” The message came back.

“So what are you doing?” his fingers typed out.

“About to go to bed. You?”

“Alright let’s go!” Morea said as he hopped in the car. “Come on man let’s get out of here!” He said as he anxiously closed the door. Diego tucked his phone away and pulled out of the parking lot.

Once they got out on the freeway Morea pulled out a big wad of cash. “Pay DAAAY!” he boasted holding his prize. 

Diego looked in shock. “How did you get all that!” 

“Eyes on the road holmes.” Putting the money away Morea said “Besides, you saw me hustling in there. People don’t like to just watch the fights you know.”

“Gambling huh?” Diego said.

“You comprendo! Haha” Morea slapped him on the shoulder laughing.  Hey I know a place we can get some beer. You in?”

Looking at the road Diego said “Ah man, I better not when I’m driving.”

“No worries man, way to be responsible.” Morea noticed the phone sticking out of his friends pocket. “So how many girls you texting these days?”

“Oh I don’t know man.”

“Don’t hold out on me man I saw you working your phone game.”

Diego couldn’t hide his blush as he answered. “I was just talking to Mia.”

“Oooh,” Morea said with a big smile. “Chinese, eh? She’s pretty cute.”

“Yeah she is.” Diego said with a big smile. “She is.”

“Si senor, my amigos in enamoroda!” Morea cracked up laughing. 

“Enamora-DO fool!” Diego couldn’t help but laugh himself.

“So you gonna ask her out or what?”

“Oh I don’t know man.”

Oh come on.” Morea never knew his friend not to have bravado. “Valentine’s dance coming up soon. Don’t want to be staggin it right?”

“Yeah I know man, I-”

Diego was cut off mid-sentence by a popping sound. “Ah shit!” Diego said in disappointment. 

Morea immediately ducked and covered his head “What was that! What was that!”

Diego pulled over to the side of the road. “Relax man it’s just my car.” Morea raised his head to see smoke coming out of the engine. “I’ll call for help.” Diego said as he pulled out his phone.”

Hello again everybody. I hope you all have been keeping safe. The weather is getting nice and warm. About time to have some swimming and barbecues. Although current events have certainly stifled summer plans I hope we can all do out best to enjoy this first summer of the new decade. As always thanks for reading this and be sure to check back next month for the latest issue of the Flying Fox.

Round three of the Blog-verse begins next week with the return of our most popular story, Ghost City! Jennifer meets other foreigners in her new home. What insight do they have in the strange goings on in the city?

In two weeks the Jaguar is back. Finally out in the field, will she complete her mission, or will she go her own way?”

The Lights of Mirigan return in 3. What are the strange abilities Fred is developing, and how are they connected to the strange lights over Melbourne? All that and more await in the latest chapters of the blogverse. 

Diego put his book bag in the locker room as the men around him taped up their fists. The smell of sweat and dirty clothes beat the smog Los Angeles was renowned for. Once he changed into his workout clothes Diego went out to the gym and hit the heavy bag. Once he noticed all the female trainees his footwork became more dance like as he landed several good combinations on the bag.

“Yeah check out this footwork!” Diego boasted while giving a wink to the girl hitting the bag next to him. She paid him no mind, and soon the image of her fit body in her sports bra and shorts was replaced by a large male torso. The man gave one swift bunch which sent the bag flying, his message firmly delivered.

Unable to back down Diego responded “Oh yeah but I got the speed, check this out.” Diego again danced around his back quickly landing light punches. Neither the man nor his girlfriend were impressed. Diego’s playful temperment changed once he felt something hit his ankle causing him to fall back. He yelled out loud and hit the ground hard, causing the couple, and most everyone else who saw it, to laugh out loud.

Immediately, he sprung back up to his feet with his hands up. Tony, one of the trainers at the gym, was almost doubled over in laughter. It was he who tripped the young student as a rib. “I didn’t teach you that kind of footwork. Real smooth.” he jested.

“Oh you got jokes!” Diego playfully jabbed at his mentor. 

“Let’s go in the ring, I’ll teach you some real moves.”

The pair climbed through the ropes of an empty ring. Diego had taken his gloves off, as wrestling was more Tony’s style. They practiced a few holds and did light some light sparring. The gym echoed in the sounds of bodies hitting mats, fists hitting bags, and the metal clanging of weights. At one point during sparring they were both on their feet, and Diego managed to hook one of Tony’s legs causing him to fall to the ground. “Oh that’s what’s up!” Diego shouted. “Now watch this!” he said as he hopped to the top turn buckle. In a spit second he leapt off the top rope, his body twisted and turned through the air like an aerial ballerenia. He planned to end the move with a body splash on his trainer, what he didn’t expect was Tony leaping back to his feet and catching him in mid air. Tony immediately turned around and slammed his opponent onto the canvas, knocking the wind out of his student.

“Dammit Diego!” Tony shouted as he shot back to his feet. “I told you about that Lucha shit. You do that out in the street and they’ll stab your Mexican ass!” The whole gym now had their eyes on Tony, as most of them rarely saw him lose his cool. “Now 50 pushups and get your ass outta here!”

Tony did the 50 along with his student. Afterwards Diego was ordered to get some water for the two of them. After taking a sip Tony asked “How is your grandpa doing?” 

“He’s ok.” Diego answered, while taking a drink.

“You doing well in school? You doing your homework and stuff?”

“Yeah sure.” Diego said, taking another sip.

“You better be.  Now go on hit the showers, I got a jujitsu class coming in.”

Later as he came out of the shower, Diego felt a wet sting in his lower back. Turning around, he saw the man he hassled before had struck him with a wet towel.  “Not so cocky now are you!” He said.

“You like hitting underage boys in the ass?” Diego immediately fired back.

The sound of “Ooooh!” filled the locker room in response to his comeback.

The man pointed his finger at the boy and said “You ever want real fight I know just the place.” and walked out.

While getting into his car Diego turned his phone on, which immediately started blowing up. Pulling out of the parking lot he called his friend Morea back. As soon as Morea picked up he asked quickly “Hey man, what are you doing tonight?”

“Well right now I’m just leaving the gym.”

“Not supposed to be driving while you’re on the phone amigo.”

“In this traffic I think I’m alright.” Diego laughed. “What’s up?”

“Hey man can you give me a lift tonight?


“Somewhere real cool, I’ll tell you about it when you pick me up.”  

Now Diego felt confused. “Can’t you drive somewhere real cool yourself?”

“Cars in the shop amigo. Please man help a brother out!”

“Well I can get you later, first I gotta check on my grandpa.”

“He’ll be fine man, just come get me.”  

“I’ll call you once I leave the house.”

“Ok,” Morea finally let up. “Just don’t beep the horn my mom doesn’t like that, just park down the street I’ll come out.”

It smelled like Enchiladas when Diego came home. He knew it wasn’t his mom’s cooking as she was working tonight. When he saw his grandfather working over the stove he said “Grandpa I could have made these.” 

“You don’t make them right.” He answered in spanish. “Always add too much chipotle.” 

“If you say so.”Diego laughed as they sat down to eat and continued their conversation in Spanish.   

“Lesnar’s gonna be on Raw tonight. What do you think will happen?” His grandfather asked. 

“I don’t know.” He answered, taking a bite of his Enchilada. “You’ll have to tell me tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow! You’re not gonna watch it with me?”

“I’m hanging out with Morea tonight.”

“That little bandit! I told you he was trouble!” His old wrinkled finger pointed at his grandson.

“Ah, he’s alright.” He knew his grandfather’s assessment wasn’t entirely wrong and gave no further protest. After eating he got up and washed the dishes in the sink, then helped his grandfather get back to his room. As the elderly man was taking his medicine, Diego looked around at all the pictures of old friends. Some of the photographs were even in black and white. 

“Do you think back in your prime you could have taken Lesnar?” 

His Grandfather laughed. “Maybe, if the booker agreed to it!”

“Haha I guess you’re right.” Diego noticed one of the drawers on his dresser was open. Looking up at him was grandpa’s old lucha mask, something no man had worn in a long time.

“Do you ever miss the old days grandpa?”

“Not at all.” The old man said as he slammed the door shut. “That business is filled with liars and thieves, and that’s why I don’t want you having any part of it.” 

Diego nodded in understanding as his grandfather embraced him and said “Alright now you have a good time and be safe.”

As he pulled up to Morea’s house he spotted his car in the driveway. As he slowed down he saw Morea jump out his bedroom window on the side of the house. He quickly pulled his hoodie up and sprinted towards Diego’s car.

“Thanks man” he said hopping in.

“I thought your car was in the shop”

“It was man, it was, I got grounded again.”

“So now I’m an accomplice?”

“Save the cop stuff for your mom.” Morea said as they rolled out of their neighborhood. 

“Alright man just where we’re going?” 

Soon they pulled into an auto body garage. “You’re idea of a good time?” Diego joked. It seemed strange that the parking lot was full when it was after hours.

“Trust me man.” his friend reassured him.

Once they got out of the car and approached the door they could hear the crowd inside. Kennedy, Morea’s cousin, stood at the door with a huge guy that looked like he could be Kennedy’s body-gaurd. “You’re late.” Kennedy scowled. “Next time I get a new bookie.”

“Sorry man, traffic was killer.” Diego considered Morea a good friend, but he knew he was a bullshiter. He attempted to follow Morea in when he was stopped by the large black hand of Kennedy’s body-gaurd. Noticing Diego wasn’t behind him Morea turned around and explained “Come on man he’s with me.”

Finally getting inside Diego noticed the smell of motor oil mixed with the smell of blood and sweat, as if the auto shop he was in was mixed with the smells of the gym he was in earlier. He’d never seen this many people in a garage before. “Weird place to have a party.” he thought. The people inside formed a big circle and were yelling and cheering some with drinks in their hands. It was then he saw another familiar sight, inside the circle were two bare knuckle brawlers throwing punches at each other. Diego couldn’t believe it. He’d seen stuff like this in the movies and in video games, but never dreamt he’d see something like this in person. 

The crowd roared in unison as one fighter landed an incredible roundhouse punch to his opponent, knocking him to the concrete floor. Diego just stared in disbelief. His friend wrapped his arm around him and excitedly boasted, “Just like Fight Club, but this shit is for real!”

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