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Jaguar #4

Posted: July 8, 2020 in Blogverse, Jaguar
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Mamoketsi knew she only had one shot, and she was certain it would be the last shot of her life. Surrounded by enemies, she managed to get a handgun off one of Sifiso’s guards. Without thinking her finger squeezed the trigger. She had already disconnected the transmitter to her benefactors, who she was sure were screaming”What are you doing.” Her orders were to get information on Sifiso’s higher ups, whom she presumed was this Czar person. She had not care who this Czar person was, all she knew was her love was dead, and she was about to avenge his death.

The bullet flew across the room towards the forhead of Sifiso, it was a perfect shot, or at least it would have been, had an uncanny energy shield not blocked its path. Jaguar was tackled to the ground after firing her shot, but she could still see the blonde woman step near her target. With some motion of her hand a golden light emerged in the air in the shape of a shield. The bullet shined like a star upon contact of the strange energy before disappearing. The woman shouted something in Russian, and the damned Sifiso was still alive. 

Jaguar’s benefactors were better than she thought, as the glass of the windows shattered and three figures in black rapeled into the room spraying machine gun fire. Some of Sifiso’s gaurds were down already, but the blonde woman maintained her energy shield. Mamokesti couldn’t believe this was happening, she’d never known anything like this to actually exist. Never had she tensed up in a firefight, but now she was frozen as her eyes locked on the woman, who clapped her hands together causing what looked like a concussive blast that sent a golden shockwave knocking down the three soldiers.

A piercing shriek next filled everyone’s ears as Mamokestis looked up to see the roof caving in. Finally unfrozen, she rolled out of the path of the falling degree to see another woman in a purple jumpsuit. Possible Russian herself, the blonde woman looked in disgust at this new opponent. She could tell they knew each other. Mamoketsi never learned Russian so she could not know what the two opponents shouted at each other. Jaguar felt like lightning was striking twice as this new brunette woman herself let out of beam of green light that clashed with the golden light of Sifiso’s warrior. There was a crackling sound and the room grew hotter as both sets of lights grew brighter. Both warriors screamed as the light grew more intense, to the point where Mamokesti had to turn away.

She didn’t know how she got out of that club, but once again she  found herself in a hospital bed, although this time the room she was in did not look like something out of a spy film, rather she was in an elegant bedroom. The sheets were silky against her skin, and the mattresss was soft like a cloud. She hadn’t slept in a bed this well since, since that last night. 

She had no injuries, but her body felt exhausted. Looking around, she was alone in the room. Once she went out the door she found herself at a large set of winding stairs. Descending to the lower floor there was a small group of people at a table casually speaking. The brunette in the purple jumpsuit was present, she was talking to what sounded like an American woman. Mamokesti presumed she was in this particular woman’s house, as above the mantle was a large picture of her standing alongside a teenage girl.

“I guess you feel like someone’s playing hot potatoe with you.” The American woman said. Getting a better look at her, she recognized her from somewhere, but she couldn’t place where. “It was probably an offshoot of Interpol that had you before, but you don’t have to worry about them now.”

“Who are you?”

The woman answered, “They probably told you they would set you free? My money says they would have put you back in that cell.”

“What do you want with me?” 

The woman then looked up at that large photograph. Her face grew sad for a moment. “Make no mistake, I know exactly what line of work you were in. If you help me get the Czar, I’m sure your revenge will come along the way.”

Mamokesti was tired of being in the same place again, but she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Ladies and gentlemen I’m going to leave the story of Jaguar be for now. I may resume it at a later date, but for now I’m going to give it a rest. 

Tune in next week for Light’s of Mirigan number four, followed by the aftermath of Diego’s fight in Flying Fox #4. And be sure to come back next month with Ghost City #5.


Jaguar #3

Posted: June 10, 2020 in Blogverse, Jaguar
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Mamoketsi still felt the pain in her gut as she looked at the picture of Sifiso on the monitor in front of her. This strange man with a Portugusese accent seemed to be asking her to help find him.

“Why should I help you find, my husband and I have done business with him for years.”

“Well that business made you a lot of enemies.” Looking at the bandage on her side he continued “We can keep you safe, for now. And if you help us find your friend” The man used air quotes when he said “friend” we can even get you a pardon.”

“Who are your people.” 

“Think of us as your real friends,” The man said, leaving a file on a table near her bed, before walking away.

Mamoketsi, though handcuffed to the bed,was able to reach the file near her. It was a file on Sifiso. A photograph of him was papercipped to several documents concerning his activities and latest whereabouts. From a quick glance it was evident that he did go into business with the Russians. “I hope it was worth it” she thought to herself, remembering how he betrayed her late husband. 

She didn’t notice at first, but suddenly the room was quiet. She looked around and realized it was empty. There were several monitors around the room, one had icons on an Australian map where Melbourne is, another window next to it showed video footage of some weird light in the sky. Another moniter had a map of Los Angeles and a video of two women brawling. A third showed a city that was eerily empty in what appeared to be China. 

Jaguar immediately used the paper clip to pick the locks of her handcuffs. She leapt out of bed and looked out the window to the door near her. She peering out into the hallway, there was only one gaurd waiting, a small man in a suit. Using the handcuffs as brass knuckles she knocked the man to the floor then grabbed his head and smacked it against the wall. His suit seemed to fit her, and she also put on his trousers and fled down the hallway. 

Going through another door Jaguar found herself in a winding staircase. As quick as she could she went down a few flights. Turing the corner to the next set of steps, she was met with a familiar face. After a moment of hesitation she felt a sharp pain from the tranquiler dart that struck her neck.

Mamoketsi woke in a cell. She could tell she wasn’t in the same prison, it had a comfortable cot and the walls had a fresh coat of paint. Before her again was that familiar face. It was the new girl from prison, she knew there was something suspicious about her. 

“You know we had a set of keys hidden in the pillow?” The woman said with a smile. “The boss and I had a bet over whether you would find them or use the paper clip. I got a beer thanks to you.”

“Who are you people?” 

“Aren’t you going to ask about the gaurd? He’s fine by the way. The boss always likes to put the new guys through some initiation.” 

“I won’t be anyone’s pawn.” Jaguar hissed.

“We’re all players on the board of life honey. Besides, are you really telling me you don’t want a shot at Sifiso?”

“How did you know.”

“Pretty obvious isn’t it? Here’s the deal, we put the word out that you escaped” she like her boss used air quotes, “and that your looking to do business again. You’re going to meet him face to face, but remember, we’re looking for justice, not revenge. We get what we want and you can have a life again.”

Soon Mamoketsi’s wound healed and she felt fresh air on her face again. Her benefactors fitted her with a nice dress, and she found herself in a high end night club. Euro-techno music blared as Johanasburg’s most well to do danced in their fancy clothes. Jaguars eyes scanned the club as soon two large men approached her. “You, this way?” One of them ordered.

“Mamoketsi my god!” Sifiso said with what seemed a genuine pleasure as he greeted her. “I never dreamed I would see you again.” She wished she could have snuck a knife in so she could disembowel him right then and there. Had she done that she would not have made it out of the room alive, but she didn’t care. 

“You never came to visit me.” she coldly replied.

Sifiso then sat at his desk as he said “Ah I have so many plates spinning. You know, it was a burden to me, but I maintained Thabo’s, shall we say, operations. I think it’s what he would have wanted.”

Looking around at his office she said “Doesn’t look like it’s such a burden.”

Her skin crawled as he responed “You know I do wish he was still with us, but the truth is he was only interested in playing the small game.”

“The small game?”

“It’s not too late for you to play this round.” Sifiso said, lighting up a cigar. “The Czar is coming soon. You can meet him personally, I can get you a seat at the table,” he took a puff before finishing, “with me.”

She didn’t know who he meant by the “Czar,” but she answered, “You know we never had any interest playing with the Russians. We were loyal only to ourselves”

“Loyalty?” Sifiso laughed, thinking back to the women Thabo “employed.” His eyes know lustfully looked over Mamoketsi, her dress accentuating the curves of her body, “You know it pains me to say it, but you should know, Thabo was known for sampling the ah, the product.”

Jaguar said with no hint of surprise “My love and I both knew the game we were playing, we knew the rules.”

“Oh, and what were those rules.”

“Don’t stab your partner in the back.” She then rose up and in one movement knocked the gaurd beside her down, grabbed his gun, and aimed. She knew she wouldn’t make it out of this room alive, as long as she could get one good shot.

Looks like Jaguar is in a tight spot now. Tune in next month to see if she makes it out of her enemies den! As always I hope everyone is keeping safe. Things where I am are supposed to open up more next week. Hopefully soon we’ll be back to some semblence of normalcy. Of course the way things have been going this year who knows? At this point I doubt it would be a surprise if the aliens invaded next, or we got a visit from the Stay Puff Marshmellow man! Who knows, maybe BOTH will happen.

Tune in next week to go back to the land down under in Lights of Mirigan #3.

In two weeks the Flying Fox will make his debut in the world of underground fighting!

Next month is round four of the blog verse, be sure to be back for more thrills and chills from everyone’s favorite Ghost City! See you then, and in the meantime, take care and be safe.

Jaguar #2

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How long ago was it since she’d slept in that King sized bed. Her prized possession, a stuffed Jaguar she killed herself, rested in the corner of her room. She gazed at its sharp teeth and mighty claws as she lie there in her husband’s arms.  “Thabo, my love,” Mamoketsi said, “Are you at peace with Sifiso? I’d never seen you disagree with him before.”  

She felt her husband’s chest shake as he laughed. “Sifiso is a snake in the grass. Better to have the snake in your own garden where you can keep an eye on him.”

“But he has been our friend for years?”

Thabo looked around the room at the ornate paintings and sculptures that decorated the room. “Money paid for all this, not friendship.”

“But the Russians have money too,” Mamketsi said, recalling a secret deal that Thabo turned down. “And they have influence everywhere.”

Holding her close, Thabo said “We play a dirty game Mamoketsi, make no mistake of that. But it is our game to play, in our own yard. If we play on a board too big, eventually, all our pieces will be knocked away.”

At that Mamoketsi heard a sound, it was the sound of something smashing, like one of her plant pots outside hitting the ground. “What was that?” she asked.

“Shhh,” Thabo held his finger to his lips. His eyes gazed out the window as his ears strained to hear outside. Another sound shot through the night air, “prat prat prat”, they both knew it was the sound of gunfire.

Mamoketsi immediately sprung from the bed. Just as quickly Thabo slipped on a pair of trousers. His wife moved towards the closet when he said “Wait” Through the curtains at the window, they both could see the shadow of a man on their balcony. Mamoketsi got down on her hands and knees, continuing to crawl toward the closet. Glancing back at her husband he saw the shadow fall to the ground and let out a gasp in pain.

Thabo instantly opened the door to find Vincent, his security chief, bleeding from the gut. The sounds of gunfire crackled louder through the open door. “Vincent!” Thabo cried out to his life-long friend. Vincent looked up at him, “Board filled, too many pieces.” Thabo cradled him in his arms, he cried for just a moment before grabbing his fallen friend’s machine gun. Raising up to peer over the balcony, he looked back at his bride, now dressed in a robe, herself armed with an AK-47. He was always so proud of her. She was like her prized Jaguar, fast and deadly, a true warrior spirit, but he could not bear the thought of losing her the same night he lost his friend. “Stay here!” He pleaded, before leaping off the second story balcony onto the terrace below.

Thabo must have known his Jaguar would not stay put. Only a moment later she heard gunfire from the first floor. She cracked her bedroom door open to find two men coming up the stairwell. Immediately they were struck down by her gunfire.

Jaguar could hear her husband firing outside. The garden they both planted was now filled with the screams of the fallen enemy.  Approaching her stairwell a wave of gunfire swept above her as she rolled out of the way. Finding her way to the starwell another intruder awaited below. He looked up to see Mamoketsi, her robe partially opened during the action. She smiled as he stopped in his tracks to give an admiring glance, before shooting him in the head. 

Outside, bodies were everywhere. Across the garden she could see Thabo crouched down behind a marble horse statue. He fired a few shots off in the distance. Then, she saw him. Sifiso fired a few shots off into the air. She was relieved as he rushed to his aid. She always knew him to be honest, he was a rook to his King, perhaps now, she reasoned, Thabo could see the error in judgement. 

Instead, Thabo was met with a bullet. Mamoketsi would cry out, shocked at the betrayal of the long time friend who fired the fatal shot, but her body made no such sound as a bullet struck her in the gut. Somewhere off in the distance, an unknown assailant had tagged her. She crumpled to the ground, her eyes leerily looking up at the home that they built, now filled with bullet holes and broken glass. The blood of Vincent dripping still dripping from the balcony was her last sight before blacking out. 

Her gut wound still hurt as she lay in the gurney. In this secret location, whereever it was, a television monitor hung close to her. On that screen was an image that made her recoil, it was the man she knew took her love away from her. “Who are you people?” she asked. The last thing she remembered she was laying in the prison shower. She wasn’t able to deduce where she was, but she knew she was no longer behind bars. 

Wherever she was, she was surrounded by people working at computers, others walked around carrying briefcases and files. Finally, someone answered. Mamoketsi, your reputation proceeds you. He spoke english, sounded Portugeues. He had dark skin, but not black like hers. Maybe he was Brazillian. “I hope that bed is more comfortable than  the ones they have in prison.” 

“What do you want.” 

Pointing to her the man said “I got that silk blanket straight from India.” 

“What do you want?”

“I see you know Sifiso.” The mystery man said pointing to the screen. “How would you like to help bring him to justice.”

Hope everyone has been keeping safe. Here in the states some places are re-opening but we’re not out of the woods yet. In the meantime thanks for checking this story out. Come back in 30 for issue #3. Jaguar gets out in the field, will she follow orders, or will she seek her own justice?

Next week is the Lights of Mirigan #2. What are the strange lights over Melbourne, and how do they connect with the local extremist group?

The Flying Fox returns in two weeks. Diego has stumbled in the world of Underground Fighting, will he survive to tell the tale?

In three weeks, the blogverse most popular tale returns in Ghost City #3.  Jennifer meets some of the other foreigners in her new home. What insight will they ad to the mysterious goings on? 

In the meantime, take care and be safe.

It felt like laying on a stone, this small pillow wasn’t helping her sleep. These blankets weren’t any better, smelly and itchy on her skin. She missed her old King sized bed. After a hard days work she would sink into her mattress, back then she took for granted that feeling, like she was floating on a cloud. Her old carpet was also gone, her feet hit the cold concrete floor as she lined up for count.

She could hear the boots coming down the hallway as the guard counted each person in their cell. “You better straighten fix that bunk or that’s a shot!” The guard shouted, eying Mamoketsi’s unkept bed. She’d slept late again and lined up just in time for the count. 

“Yes Ma’am.” Mamoketsi said as she turned back to fix her bunk. As she straightened her sheets she looked at the picture of her husband. What would he think if he could see her living in a place like this? Needless to say her cell mate’s bed was fine. Watching with a smile as her cellmate fixed her bed she quipped, “Ah Miss Jaguar, haha, my how the mighty have fallen.”

“I’m not supposed to give you an apple.” The inmate behind the foot counter meekly said. 

“Prerposterous. You girls were done starving me out.” 

“Sorry,” the girl said, almost at a whisper. “I gotta do what the boss said.”

“Bitch you’re gonna give her that apple or I’m gonna come over there and shove it up your ass!” Monique towered over Mamoketsi, the girl behind the counter, the counter itself, just about everything.” Her outburst drew the eyes of a few guards and inmates. 

“You know I’ll get in trouble” The girl pleaded.

“Well then give me two!” Monique commanded, slightly lowering her voice. Mamoketsi moved down the line and the girl quickly put two apples on Monique’s tray.

Once the two sat down,  Monique put the second apple on Mamokesti’s tray, who quickly stuffed it in her uniform. “What are you doing, you don’t need to keep it secret?”

“Did you question your boss on the outside?” Mamoketsi asked. “Poor girl was just following orders. No need to get her in trouble.” 

She also knew that poor girl wasn’t one of the girls that “worked” for her and her husband. A lot of the other girls were, and were happy to see at least some shrivel of justice in their former pimp “Jaquar” being locked up with them. They made it really hard on her in the early going. She got jumped more than once, and for a while some of the girls made sure she didn’t eat. Starving her out they called it. Sometimes when she did get good it would have a loogie in it, or sometimes worse.

They did seem to be laying off her recently. Partly because of her new “friend” Monique. The Jaquar herself still had a few connections, and Monique could find something extra in her commissary for helping out Mamoketsi. 

“Don’t tell me the Jaguar’s getting soft in her old age?”

“We can go out in the field to see how soft I am.” Jaguar said, biting into her sandwich.

“Ahh there’s my girl.” Monique raised her fist with a smile. Her boss reluctantly met her with a fist bump. “So we got some new fish last night.” Monique added, nodding her head to the table behind Mamoketsi.

Jaquar briefly looked back to see a young girl, pretty blonde hair, she could tell, even through the baggy prison outfit that she was pretty fit. “Some of these girls are chomping at the bit to get a taste of her.” Monique said, licking her lips.

“She’s not from around here?” Mamoketsi observed.

“Honey you know there’s a big ole world outside of Johannasburg right?”

Still focusing on the new fish she replied, “No, there’s something about that her, something’s not right.”

“I’ll tell you what’s not right, you causing trouble in the line.” One of the guards said as he approached their table.

“Trouble?” Monique said. “The only trouble is my girl is getting starved out again.” 

“Yeah well we found something in your cell too. You’re coming with us.” Two gaurds came immediately behind Monique and picked her up by the arms.

“What, get your hands off me, I didn’t do nothing!” she protested as they drug her away. “What did you find in my cell? You didn’t find shit in my cell! Man this is bullshit?” But it was all in vain. Some of the inmates laughed and mocked Monique as she was drug away by the gaurds.

As they dragged her away, Jaquar noticed Rosina had eyes on her. On the outside she was just a low level pimp outside, and was one of the girls who gave her a lot of shit when she was first locked up. Once Monique was taken away, Rosina gave Mamokesti a smile before picking up her tray and going back to the cell.

The water was always freezing, even showers weren’t pleasurable in prison. Mamoketsi didn’t have time to worry about that as she thought back on her day. What could Monique have been busted for? She was no angel obviously, being in prison and all, but she was one of the only people she knew that didn’t do drugs, so that was out. She could certainly hold her own in a fight and usually didn’t need a shank or any kind of weapon. The guards were on her case about what happened in the food line, but they ignored much worse than a little outburst.

There was no more time to ponder this as the shower curtain slid open. Jaquar turned around to see the new girl, Rosina, and two other girls standing before her. “No one’s got your back now bitch!” Rosina shouted as two of the girls rushed her. 

Knowing she had to keep her back against the wall in this enclosed space, she grabbed her bar of soap and thrust it in one of the girls eyes, then immediately dropped the bar and with both hands grabbed the other girl by the hair, bouncing her head off the tile wall then off the head of the other girl who was now partially blinded. Still with a handful of hair she shoved her attacker out of the stall toward Rosina and the new girl. 

The blinded girl was now on her knees, desperately reaching out to her opponent. Jaquar raised her leg and smashed her knee into the side of the girl’s head. The force of the blow made her head bounce off the wet wall. 

As the Jaquar placed this strike the new girl took a towel by two hands and managed to quickly wrap it around Jaquar’s leg. With one swift yank Jaquar fell on her side and was drug out of the stall. The new girl managed to hop around and get behind her. Instantly she wrapped her legs around Jaguar’s waist. Mamoketsi tucked her chin in as felt her opponent’s arm coming around her head attempting a rear naked choke. Mamoketsi realized this girl really knew what she was doing as she punched the girl’s calf, trying to keep her feet from locking which would make it extremely difficult for her to escape. She then elbowed the girl’s gut as hard as she could, which allowed her to wiggle her wet body out of the hold. 

It was too late though, as soon as she rose to her feet she felt a sharp pain in her side. Rosario shanked her. Falling to the ground screaming she saw Rosario holding the knife to her face proclaiming “This is my yard bitch!” 

“Wait.” The new girl said. Mamoketsi could see her white arm raised to brace Rosario. “She’s had enough.”

Rosario was stunned as she turned to her new accomplis, “I say when she’s had enough!” She turned back to meet the jaws of the Jaguar. The shower was filled with the sound of bones crunching as jaws clamped down on Rosario’s  nose. Blood splattered into her mouth and mixed with the water below. Rosario’s fist squeezed, then released, dropping the shank to the floor. She pushed Rosario on top of the new girl and managed to get to her feet. 

“Help!” she screamed. She expected a crowd of spectators, but the showers were empty. She held her side as she struggled to get out of the showers. There in the hallway waited a female guard. “Help!” she cried again. “I was jumped.”

The guard looked at her, unsurprised. Spotting her wound she pulled out her nightstick. Mamoketsi looked back to see if her assaulters were behind her, but they weren’t. 

“My daughter was one of the girls you pulled off the street.” She said almost at a whisper before she knocked Mamoketsi in the head.

Her head felt like it was floating on a cloud. That was the first thing she noticed. Next she noticed the sensation of the blanket, so smooth around her body. Only when she turned did the sharp pain in her gut return.

“A lot more comfortable than prison beds eh?”

Mamoketsi realized she was now strapped to a bed, but not in the prison hospital. She knew all too well what that place looked like. This as cleaner, and it wasn’t a hospital. She spotted a few people walking around in suits, seemingly from various nationalities. In front of her was a large TV monitor. She gasped when she saw the image on it. “Who are your people?”

“Lets just say someone that managed to get you out of that hell hole.” said the same voice. “We have a certain, job for you. I take it you know the man on the screen. We want you to help bring him to justice.”

Looking at the image, she knew if she ever saw that man again, she wouldn’t be sending him to prison, she’d send him straight to hell.

I thank your for the success of last week’s debut of this new writing project, and hope you have enjoyed this story as well. Tune in next week for the first issue of Azzorath, a tale of Nazis and UFOs from the land down under!

In two weeks come the last new installment, The Flying Fox. A teenager in Los Angeles, and grandson of a famed Mexican Wrestler stumbles into the world of underground fighting.

Ghost City returns in three weeks. Who is the mysterious girl Jennifer sees in her apartment building, and how are they tied to her new school?

And of course come back in one month for issue two of Jaguar. Who are these mysterious benefactors, and will Jaguar accept their help? Find out in 3