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Obviously I’m biased being a Rocky Fan but this is truly beautiful. It’s clips of all six Rocky Movies set to the song How it Ends by DeVotchka.

Years ago one of my friends on Facebook posted this review of Star Wars Episode One. It was a 60 + minute review. I teased him about posting it, but then I watched it. It was one of the funniest most amazing things I’d ever seen. Later, Red Letter Media, the company behind the reviews, did reviews for Episode 2 and 3. They were great as well, and very interesting and insightful, but the Episode One review as by far the funniest. It’s truly amazing and probably unprecedented in the history of film to have a review that is more entertaining than the actual movie.

Currently on youtube the review is split up into seven parts, but when it was originally posted it was one 90 minute video. I’ve linked part one below and from there you can watch the rest. Enjoy, and send me a pizza roll!


One hobby among wrestling fans is to poke fun at some of the sillier moments in wrestling history, and one event that ranks up their among the silliest is the yappapi match.

In March 2000 World Championship Wrestling had their Uncensored Pay Per View event in which the main event was Hulk Hogan (who was back to the red and yellow/not the evil Hollywood Hogan anymore) vs Ric Flair in a strap match. In a strap match the two wrestlers are tied together, and you win by touching all four corners of the ring. For some reason WCW decided to call this a Yappapi Indian Strap Match. The origins of the word Yappapi are unknown to me, but I’m going to guess there isn’t really an Indian tribe by that name.  (Even better, during the match Hogan won by pinfall, the rules of touching all for corners were seemingly ignored at the end.)

Anyway Hogan cut some pretty crazy promos for this match, and once youtube came around people were editing them into some funny videos. The one I’m linking has this promo, along with a Flair promo from when he and Hogan toured Australia years later, set to music. Pure nuttiness in all its glory. Enjoy.




Back in 2006 the comedy group The Whitest Kids You Know about did this hilarious Hitler Rap video. So many good lines in this. Enjoy.

Without a doubt the number one fantasy match that never happened in professional wrestling is Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. One of the many things that fill Youtube is fan made wrestling promos for matches that never happened. There’s a lot of Hogan Austin promos out there, but I think this one takes the cake. There was actually another one from years ago I wanted to give honorable mention to, but I think it’s not online anymore. Anyway, enjoy!


The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of my favorite things on the internet. James Rolfe stars in this web series as this angry nerd reviewing band Nintendo, Sega, and other 1980s and 90s era video games. There’s so many good episodes that I had to include one on this list. I picked what probably is my favorite one, his review of Rambo for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I remember that shitty game when I was a kid. If I remember right, I couldn’t even get anywhere in the game. There’s some great quotes in this episode, like “Remember when Rambo has to fight a giant spider?” and “Who the hell throws grenades at a tiger?” The end of the episode asks the all important and all so obvious question. How do you mess up a Rambo video game?


Coming in at #7 is clips from the American version of the original Godzilla film set to the music of Countdown to Extinction by Megadeth. One of the best fits of music to film on youtube I’ve ever seen.


This makes the list if nothing else for the incredible amount of work that must have went into this. It’s various clips from the Star Wars films edited so it goes through the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. There’s a few different versions but I liked this one the best. Other versions used clips from video games but this was taken straight from the 6 movies. The beat isn’t bad either. Enjoy!

One of the standard videos on Youtube is a song mixed with Movie/TV/Game footage. There’s lots of videos of the classic 1980s song “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler (or it’s assorted remakes) set to movies, superhero cartoons, video games, etc. It was hard to pick among all of them, but being a child of the 80s this is my favorite. I’m biased obviously, feel free to share any you enjoy.

Here is is at #9.

This past spring was ten years since Youtube officially went online. Given that I remember life without the internet, Youtube is the kind of thing that still amazes me. I remember maybe 12 or 13 years talking with a friend saying wouldn’t it be cool if there was a website where you could have something like your own tv channel. You could have stuff like episodes of the Simpsons online for people to watch, and along with that you could make your own shows/have your own content. My friend agreed it would be cool, but said people’s bandwidth would never be large enough/computers would never be fast enough etc. etc. Just a few years later it became reality. Youtube is right up there with Facebook and Google among websites that have generally impacted our day to day lives.

So I wanted to make a top ten favorite things on youtube list. I want to specify that these entries will not just be random TV clips or official music videos, they all are user generated content.

My first entry is just under a year old and involves professional wrestling. For those that don’t know, the wrestler Sting was for a long time known as the most popular wrestler that never wrestled for the WWE. Last November at Survivor Series he finally made his WWE debut. Entry #10 is basically 7 minutes of people yelling “OH MY GOD IT’S STING!!!” The actual in arena reaction is especially hilarious. So here we go.