Wildcats X-men Comic Book Crossover

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Crossover Reviews, Crossovers
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Wildcats/X-men was a series of crossovers between the Marvel Mutants and the Jim Lee created team from Wildstorm/Image. There were four books, one for the Golden Age of comics, one for Silver Age, Modern Age, and the future.

The Golden Age story is naturally set in World War Two. The colors in the book are black white and red giving it a nice WWII gritty atmosphere.  Wolverine and Zannah from the Wildcats fight a Nazi/Daemonite alliance that attempts to re-awaken and ancient Daemonite. (Daemonites are aliens that have secretly inhabited Earth for a while. They can posses people, and are the main villains for WIldcats.) Wolverine is portrayed as the more heroic of the two and Zannah has no qualms about seeing people as expendable. 

The Silver Age is probably the strongest story of the four. Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. recruits Grifter on a mission to stop an alien invasion that is an alliance between the Daemonites and the alien race from X-men comics called the Brood. S.H.I.E.L.D. provides Grifters iconic red mask, which is presented as a James Bond era gadget. Along the way Grifter has a flirtatious encounter with Jean Grey. She is traveling to Australia for a modeling gig, and is upset that Cyclops did not say goodbye to her. Gets accidentally mixed up in the alien schemes, which involve X-men foe Mr. Sinister who made a Daemonite/Brood hybrid. Along the way there are references to 60s icons like Lennon, Dylan, and Jagger. On the comic book end there’s a reference to Jean Grey’s silver age costume, and Team Seven from the Wildstorm Universe. Also we get some nice banter about the nature of teamwork vs working alone.  

Grifter and Jean meet again in the Modern Age. Here the second X-men team and the Wildcats meet in England. The X-men are investigating the disappearance of a mutant possibly being connected to the Hellfire club. The Wildcats are investigating a connection with the Hellfire club and the Daemonites. Nightcrawler mistakes Warpath for Wolverine, and Warpath thinks Nightcrawler to be a Daemonite. Wolverine meets Zannah again and Jean notes that Grifter has now joined a team. 

The Dark Age is a dark future where the Daemonites merged with Sentinel technology and taken over Earth. Many of the heroes from both Marvel and Image are now dead. Wolverine, Grifter, and some others lead the resistance. Their plot involves time travel elements from the X-men and has some consequences involving both teams that leads to an interesting ending.

Wildcats/X-men showed an interesting way to present a crossover. It would be interesting to see a a Marvel/DC crossover using the same mechanics of covering different eras. Given DC now owns Wildstorm it would be fun to see a Golden Age story focusing primarily on DC characters, followed by a Silver Age story with Marvel characters, culminating in a 90s era story with Wildstorm and possibly Ultraverse which is now owned by Marvel.

  1. mcmahon says:

    I’d like to get the trade paperback of this but I’d also like the 1st edition limited one signed by Charest. Wild C.A.T.S. are the most underrated comic book series/

  2. jasper says:

    thanks for covering this series. This is quite an underrated story I think, too bad there is no collection or omnibus variant of all 4 stories.

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