The Uber-Mega-Super Crossover, Part 2

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Crossovers
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How would the story be told?

You would need an incredible team of writers to pull this off, but the more people you have the harder it is to get them to agree. People like Jess Nevins would be a valuable resource who know fantasy worlds inside and out. I would wonder, with the perception of crossovers as being money driven instead of creator driven, if the most talented writers would shy away from taking part in this project for fear of creative restrictions. I can’t see someone like Alan Moore, who beautifully blended together Victorian era characters in The League of Extraordinary Gentlmen, wanting to take part in this. Someone like that would probably see this as just a stupid thing done to make money. Also people more legally tied to their creations might be more hesitant. I can’t see George Lucas letting Luke Skywalker meet Spiderman.

However you would settle who tells the story, the next obstacle is how it would be told. The simplest form to tell the story would be in novels or by making it the biggest comic book maxi-series ever. A maxi-series or several series of comic books is my preference, so you could visually see all the characters together. As far as film is concerned, it is an incredibly long process to make a movie or TV show, with all the variables involved. Plus anything involving a wide audience would have to take time to explain a million obscure characters, which would hinder the story telling. On the video game front a fighting game tie in would be fun. I do like the interactive nature of video games today, and it would be cool in a game if fans themselves could somehow unlock a part of the story. The internet allows a lot of possibilities as well.

Does it matter?

The most important thing in all this is that the stories are really good stories. Because of that, I would not want to have time spent in the narrative as to WHY all these characters met. It’s all made up anyway, so let’s just say that, for some reason, all these characters are in the same universe. BAM, what happens? How do they interact? What do they do? It doesn’t have to be that they all meet to fight a common foe, like JLA/Avengers, just what would a world be like if they were all together. That’s the heart of what I want to see, what would happen, instead of taking forever explaining how the real Marvel and DC universes ended up meeting everybody.

One thing to consider in this possibility, is what the rules of the world are. Just like any world building exercise, the world has to follow a set of rules. When mixing in different realities, you have to take into account their different interpretations of various concepts. For example, vampire mythology is very diverse throughout different media, as the ideas of how magic works, the role of ancient mythology, not to mention different takes on historical events such as WWII. (For example, some media have Vampires immune to religious objects, others do not. In Dungeons and Dragons, I believe magic works by memorizing spells, where other words its more based around magic objects, etc) These different interpretations of different phenomenon would have to be worked out if it were done this way.

Now if there was a great idea to how the “real” realities would intersect, then that would leave room to include many of very distinct realities like Star Wars, the Matrix, Dune, Final Fantasy, various fantasy/sci-fi novels. Some of the worlds in anime/manga, could be included more easily. Other things that could now be included are post-apocalyptic worlds, dytopian worlds like 1984, and your alternate realities of other worlds, including DC’s Elseworlds, Marvels Age of Apocalypse, Mangaverse, Ultimates, and 2099. In fact, one possibility for the feasibility of this is various alternate realities of each world meeting. That is sort of already happened with Ash from the Evil Dead series meeting Marvel Zombies, and alternate plane in the Marvel Megaverse, and Marvel’s Heroes Reborn reality crossing over with Wildstorm.

Could it be done?

Telling the story across all media would be ungodly complicated and next to impossible. Even with characters under the same house, look how long it took to make Jason Vs. Freddy, or Aliens Vs. Predator. Comic books or novels look like the best possibility. Entertainment companies might be more willing to cooperate since there’s not as much profit at stake in comics. In regards to what type of story is told, different companies also might cooperate more if all the characters are together just because, instead of involving the “real” continuities intersecting with each other, either way it’s a lot of legal headaches on the road to a good story.

What has been done already?

We’ve had some pretty colossal in house comic crossovers, even involving different realities (Crisis). We’ve had intra-company crossovers involving their whole universes, Valiant/Image, DC/Image, Marvel/DC, Marvel/Top Cow also Marvel/Ultraverse, (After Marvel bought Malibu.). We’ve had comic characters meet movie and video game characters. The Wold Newton Universe theorizes that classic literary and pulp fiction characters are inter-related, and the concept is expanded upon at Wold Newton What I am proposing is a step up from that, although admittedly a giant step.

Maybe in a hundred years when all these characters are public domain, someone can pull it off, just like Alan Moore did with characters from 100 years ago in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. If that happens, the Alan Moore of the future will really have his work cut out for him.

Well there you have it. Is this the most insane idea ever or what? To what degree could any of this happen? Given the impossibility of all worlds meeting, what would your picks be of worlds to include? Should it be done? Could it be done? What do you think?

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